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No oven, no dairy, no problem: Vegan desserts to try for Veganuary

These no-bake, dairy-free, vegan-friendly desserts are simple, easy and perfect for celebrating Veganuary

vegan coconut with mango mochi mochiko
Vegan mochi now exists, thanks to Mochiko and Coco Mama

This mochi collaboration also captures the essence of Coco Mama’s signature ice cream from Boracay and La Union

Gift Guide Quarantine Food Trends Chef Chele Burnt Basque Cheesecake header nolisoliph
Nolisoli Gift Guide: Food that made lockdown a bit more bearable

Spending over 250 days indoors has not been ideal, but all the new food sold…

Bake Fresh QQ Donuts header nolisoliph
These QQ donuts taste like your childhood in a bite

There are some snacks from your childhood that you just miss. A lot of them…

stress free commute
5 tips for a stress-free commute

Among the all the cities in Southeast Asia, Metro Manila collectively ranks 3rd worst in…

nolisoli healthy snacks danggit
You’ve had kale chips, now try danggit for snacks

Eating most probably tops the list of the greatest pastimes ever. Easy-to-grab food items like…

Yes, there are healthier alternatives to chicharon

Chicharon is a favorite snack in the Philippines. Whether dipped in your favorite suka concoction, sprinkled as toppings…

nolisoli health eating habits snacks
People who eat at their desks have a higher risk of obesity and high cholesterol

When we are busy with work one of the easiest distractions we can afford is…

nolisoli blog eats food trends vegan organic gluten-free
Forget junk, here’s how to snack without the guilt

Take Root banana chewies Banana chewies made with ripe bananas, has a sweet, chewy, caramel-like…

nolisoli eats fruit and nut power bar
How to make a fruit and nut power bar

This recipe was originally published in Southern Living, January 2017.