charcuterie board with local meats and cheeses
This charcuterie board of local meats and cheeses will be the star of your holiday spread

With all the varieties of longganisa, cheese, jams, and biscuits, each local charcuterie board is sure to be uniquely your own

Chef Christina Sunae’s Filipino tamales honor its Mesoamerican roots

This version of tamale is closer to that of Kapampangans and uses rice flour cooked in coconut milk, and banana leaf in lieu of corn husk

Good to share: Flavorful vegetarian moussaka all types of eaters can enjoy

In true Greek fashion, this dish is best served as a treat to your guests

local greens salad with crispy dilis recipe
A local greens salad that’ll make both palates and farmers happy

This fun way of serving up local veggies balances sweet, tangy, salty, and spicy—with minimal cooking required

Tare: A Japanese sauce of only 4 ingredients and 101 uses

Lawrence Cua of seafood sandwich shop Bun Appetit shares his favorite Japanese condiment to pair with barbecue

galunggong kalabasa patties on a plate with rice served with a glass of water
These patties prove that galunggong and kalabasa are better together

Usually served as separates, these two beloved Filipino ingredients meld into a new dish you wish you’d known sooner—made better with a creamy tomato-based sauce

corn carrot soup on a bowl and a side of pita chips
Creamy corn, carrot, and coconut milk soup to brighten up your rainy days

It’s golden and will surely warm you up like the sun—and it’s beginner-friendly, too

Use this simple tiramisu recipe to impress all your friends

Apo Baking Society’s Alexa Versoza shows us how to make one of her favorite pre-pastry chef recipes: a rich and decadent tiramisu

Fried rice you can make with pretty much anything in under 10 minutes

Blackbird’s head chef Kerwin Go shares the Yang Chow fried rice recipe that he learned from his amah when he was 5 years old

croissant french toast with pastry cream and fruits on a speckled plate
Save your croissants and turn them into French toast with this recipe

Butterboy pastry gays Hilder and Jayson share the recipe for one of the Drag Brunch best-sellers using their own croissants, of course