Oct 25, 2017

When I procrastinate, I clean at least my drawers, desk, or room. It gives me a sense of accomplishment (although not as tremendous as when I finish my actual work). I just rationalize to myself that I wouldn’t function well in an untidy environment where my health and well-being would be sacrificed. And that only works sometimes (a tide of regret still rushes in).

Aside from removing gunk from these appliances to sustain our healthful living, cleaning is also a significant part of their maintenance. I don’t think it’s wise to leave them to deteriorate when you could’ve done something to extend their lifespan.

Like the simple task of cleaning.

Check your home. You may be forgetting to clean the following household items:


Electric Kettle

nolisoli cleaning electric kettle
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It’s foolish of me to always think that electric kettles will always be clean. They’re just there for boiling water anyway, right? But sometimes, there would be gunk like mineral buildups and kettle furring that could ruin our morning coffee or tea. To clean an electric kettle, fill it up to three-quarters with a mixture of water and white vinegar then bring to a boil. Let the mixture sit for 20 minutes after boiling and then throw and rinse the kettle with water.



nolisoli cleaning mattress
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Yeah, we wash our sheets, but do we bother with the mattress?

Keep in mind that to get rid of the dust mites and to prevent it from sagging, you should be flipping your mattress every six months. Sprinkle a mixture of baking soda and your favorite essential oil on it before flipping over. Let the mixture stay for a few minutes and then vacuum the surface to gather the residue.


Electric fan

nolisoli electric fan cleaning
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Fans accumulate dust and you won’t notice it until you see that thick layer of earthy grime. Easily wipe the blades and the grills with a damp cloth (a mixture of water and white vinegar is useful again here) or use a vacuum to remove most lint and dirt. It’s best to clean them bimonthly.


Toothbrush holder

nolisoli toothbrush holder clean
Photo courtesy of Crate&Barrel

And maybe your toothbrush, too. Clean the holder just like cleaning a glass with a sponge and dish detergent. For the toothbrush, dip it in mouthwash or again, in the water-white vinegar mixture for 15 to 30 minutes.

BONUS: Disinfect your smartphones and earphones, too. Easily wipe the surfaces with a damp tissue sprayed with a mixture of rubbing alcohol and water.


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