Apr 11, 2017

market locally-grown featured img

1. Jackfruit granola in coconut nectar, P195, Pili&Pino, tastecentral.com.

2. Chocnut butter, P300, Ritual.

3. Spicy mango tamarinds, P70, Gracias Foods.

4. Cold-brewed robusta, P100, Ritual.

5. Chocolate-coated mangoes, P245, Sweet Seasons.

6. Soya malunggay chips, P105, Echostore, Serendra.

7. Polvoron with dried pineapple, P145, Echostore, Serendra.

8. Chocolate-coated cacao bean with dried mango slices, P100, Magdalena’s.

This story was originally published in Northern Living, June 2015.

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