How to make your own solar-powered power bank

Adam and Eve would have charged their mobile phones this way, if phones existed back then

Jan 9, 2017 |


Old solar lamps


Electrical tape

Old USB charger that fits your device

Knife or scissors

Soldering iron and solders

Plastic or metal casing


  1. Remove the solar panel from the lamp using a knife or a screwdriver, depending on how the panel is attached.
  2. Cut the cable of the USB charger along the middle. Take the cable attached to the charger and cut or peel off its covering to reveal the wires.
  3. Using the soldering iron and the solder, pair the wires of the panels with those of the cable charger: red wire to red wire (+), and black to black (-).
  4. Insulate each wire using electrical tape. If the panels acquired from the lamps are small, connect three or four panels to form a circuit.
  5. House the solar panels in old plastic or metal casings. Glue the panels one by one, either within the casing or outside it, so long as the panels can be exposed to sunlight.
  6. Connect the wires together by drilling holes on the casings


TIP: Have someone with basic knowledge on engineering guide you through the process.

This story was originally published in Southern Living, March 2015.

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