How to make your own shelves using leather and wood

Use spare items that are just lying around the house

Jan 31, 2017 |


2 wood planks

4 leather belts



Measuring tape



  1. Strap belts together to form two loops measuring about 60” in circumference. If necessary, punch in more holes using a drill or an awl. Loops must measure the same to avoid a lopsided shelf.

  2. With your pencil, mark 2 inches from each end of the bottom of the first board. This marker is where you’ll lay the belts.

  3. Lay the belts at the pencil mark; making sure to place the belt buckles where you want them.

  4. Using your hammer, nail down the belt using 3 nails. Repeat on the other end of the board.

  5. Once the belts are secured at the bottom, flip the board so it’s facing forward with the backside on the ground and nail the belt down at the front and back edges.

  6. Place your second board, facing forward directly above the first. Insert it in the loops.

  7. With your measuring tape, leave a 10-inch gap between both boards. Try to get them as aligned as possible.

  8. Once your second board is in place, nail it down on the front and back sides and again on the other end.

  9. After both boards are secure, lift the shelving using the belts to see if it’s hanging perfectly. Nail it down on a wall to hang.

This story was originally published in Southern Living, October 2015.

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