Jul 19, 2018

Have old bras that no longer fit? Before you chuck them out, try giving them to I Support the Girls – Manila. This new organization is collecting menstrual products and old underwear to give to the Correctional Institution for Women in Mandaluyong (and hopefully to other places in the future).

The newly set up org is the local arm of I Support the Girls, a US-based non-profit organization that gives bras and menstrual products to homeless women in America. Their first collection will be on July 30 in Shangri-la Plaza in Mandaluyong, though people outside the metro can send their donations to the org’s mailing address.

According to the United Nations, “more than ten million Filipino women still live today in poverty.” Given how expensive women’s underwear and menstrual products can be, it leaves many unable to meet their basic need for sanitary hygiene. Doing this small thing can help out your fellow Filipina. You’ll also be helping out the zero-waste initiative by furthering your clothes’ use cycle. Hitting two birds with one stone, ethical-style.

You can hit up the page to get more details on the drop off and how to set up your own collection drive. For more information, e-mail info@isupportthegirls.org.


Featured photo courtesy of Unsplash

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