Nov 30, 2018

We believe in the adage that time is indeed gold, precious, and important. And this holiday season, here are some ways you can give this intangible treasure to yourself.


Swedish Massage
De Novo Wellness Spa, The Grove Retail Row

Photo courtesy of De Novo Wellness Spa on Facebook

A quick therapy is all you need to get rid of a week’s worth of exhaustion. Indulge in the long gliding strokes, firm kneading, tapping, bending, and stretching of a Swedish massage.

1.5 HOUR

Mind and Body Flow
The Spa, Power Plant Mall

Photo courtesy of The Spa

This full-body therapy highlights the relaxing head massage with warm rosemary essential oils. The 90-minute session helps you release tension leaving you with a restful mind and body.


LBC Express
Power Plant Mall

Photo courtesy of LBC Express

You won’t have to brave the awful holiday traffic just to send gifts. All it takes for them to be delivered—together with documents, money, and other parcels—is a few minutes at LBC Express.


Undereye Laser Treatment
Wink Laser Studio, Power Plant Mall, Santolan Town Plaza

Photo courtesy of Wink

Wink’s lasers target dark undereye pigments, a fixture of the holiday party season. The brightening treatment saves you from applying concealer every morning and takes only a few minutes to apply.


iPhone Case
Digital Walker, Power Plant Mall

Aura for iPhone 7 and 8, P2,090. Photo courtesy of Element Case

Cases fashioned from ultra-hardy material have been known to extend the life of your phone, protecting it from falls, liquid, and everyday germs.


Céline Box Bag
Homme et Femme, 8 Rockwell

The iconic shoulder bag is the Philo-phile’s ultimate tribute to the designer, considered the icon of womenswear. Though most bags last for a season or two, Phoebe Philo’s accessories are timeless, essential pieces meant to be worn for a lifetime.


Featured image courtesy of Unsplash

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