Apr 4, 2019

Requiring IDs can be a pain in the ass, with all the documents we need to secure and whatnot. But here’s something to be kind of happy about: The Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) no longer requires birth certificates to those who want to renew their passports.

According to the DFA’s Department Order No. 03-2019, the absence of a birth certificate isn’t deal-breaker anymore “except for the first-time applications, applications for lost and mutilated passports, those requiring changes in the passport entries, old brown and green passports bearing no complete middle names, and applicants including in the Department’s Watchlist.


Now, that’s one less requirement and paper off of your folder. There are only two documents you need to prepare to renew your passport: a duly accomplished application form and the old passport (unless there’s a change in the status of the applicant like marriage, dual citizenship or change in the passport entries like a change in surname).

For more information about passport application, check out the DFA’s frequently asked questions page here.


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