Apr 4, 2019

It’s cool that most of us are aware now about the cost of the things we consume—how the plastic in our daily essentials, generally our carbon footprint, hurt the earth—and that eco-friendly alternatives have become more accessible.

There are also online communities now that encourage everyone to change their habits, offering tips to those who don’t know how to start, serving as a support group.

Here’s something that’s blowing up at Buhay Zero-Waste now: A post inviting everyone to donate their used toothbrush to University of the Philippines Archeological Studies Program.

Lovelyn Ocampo-Garcia said on a Facebook post yesterday that the used toothbrush will be used in cleaning artifacts.

Just like any other items made of plastic, toothbrush just ends up in landfills and pollutes oceans until they decompose god knows when. This is why bamboo toothbrush is becoming popular. It’s the eco-friendly alternative to plastic ones as its materials are biodegradable.

If you want to donate used toothbrush, send Ocampo-Garcia a message.


Featured image courtesy of Unsplash

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