Oct 1, 2019

In celebration of 52 years in the academe, the Philippine School of Interior Design (PSID) launches its 40th year of graduation exhibits since its first in 1979. 

This year, the exhibit titled “Hugis Atbp.” will feature 12 design spaces under 30 sqm. that are made from sustainable materials. Some of these will include upcycled materials like used glass bottles, and tires turned into chairs and wall designs.

The students from Yugto, used green crushed bottles as a design that according to them, blocks UV rays. Other groups like The Spear made use of boat crates as roof and some like Balay Habi had weavings for the cabinets.

These designs are featured on three habitat styles: urban, suburban, and resort areas that will also depend on three geometrical spaces which are either square, circle or triangle.

“In congested cities, we prove that more than the size of the space, practical and inspired designs prevail to be of utmost importance in giving Filipinos the quality of life we all deserve,” said PSID vice president for academic affairs, Interior Designer Victor Ruel Pambid. 

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Parisukat at Parihaba gallery, from the name itself, focuses on architectural design in square spaces that is in urban areas like condominium units that are under 30 sqm. It will showcase four designs, each of which varies based on their chosen theme. 

Art Deco in the Metro presents a luxurious space for a bachelor and a whiskey connoisseur.

For Bilog at Biluhaba gallery, students will showcase designs in circular spaces each under 25 sqm. that will explore the free-flowing lifestyle in the suburbs. These four designs are made to channel inner serenity with these spaces that are fit for a quiet living. 

Balay Habi is the modern rendition to a treehouse in the suburbs. Its materials are inspired by weavings to give an airy feel.

The Tatsulok gallery, on the other hand, features four designs in a triangular area made for resorts and retreat houses. Most of these designs are inspired by natural landscapes and a relaxing vibe. 

The B’laan retreat is inspired by the ethnic group in Southern Mindanao, filling the space with their patterns and brasswork.

The gallery will have its exhibit from Oct. 1 to Oct. 31 from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily at the Greenfield Tower, Greenfield City in Mandaluyong. 

For more information, visit hugis.ph or PSID on facebook and follow them on Instagram @philschoolofinteriordesign


Photos courtesy of Philippine School of Interior Design

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