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8 podcasts to keep you busy at home

8 podcasts to keep you busy at home


The current pandemic forced our way of life to change drastically. Now we’re finding ourselves working from home, constantly disinfecting our spaces and even lining up for hours outside grocery stores. To keep your mind busy while you do these tasks, you can  listen to podcasts.

Whether you’re looking for some escapist entertainment or something more informative and educational, there’s bound to be a podcast that caters to your interest and your taste. Here are some interesting ones still running, with hefty past episodes to keep you busy for hours:


Conspiracy Theories

For every significant event in human history, from the moon landing to the death of Princess Diana, there could be more to the story than what the public has been told. “Conspiracy Theories” tackle interesting events or topics and explore popular conspiracy theories behind them. They cover known conspiracy theories like the Illuminati and flat-earth belief, to surprising topics like the death of William Shakespeare and what caused the obesity epidemic.


Hardcore History

As the adage goes, truth is stranger than fiction—and certainly more interesting than we think. Hosted by Dan Carlin, “Hardcore History” deep dives into great historical events like the world wars in podcast episodes that are hours long. Despite the topics and length, Carlin discusses them in an approachable way that is educational but keeps you fascinated whether you’re a history buff or just a casual listener.


In the Dark

In 2014, the true crime podcast “Serial” launched and we saw the sudden boom of podcasts. Six years later, the true crime genre is still podcasting’s bread and butter, and it could be hard to pick which show to listen to. “In the Dark” is a good place to start. Each season, they cover one case, not only researching and deep-diving, but doing the investigations themselves. The show’s second season is particularly lauded, with their investigation leading to an overturned verdict for the case.


#RomanceClass Podcast

If you’re looking for something completely different and completely local, the “#RomanceClass” podcast features romance stories written by Filipino authors and read and narrated by Filipino actors. Some short stories are one episode long while others are serialized and split into multiple episodes.


Stories After Dark

Another local podcast on this list is getting traction lately with its riveting self-contained episodes retelling dark, real life stories we’ve all heard about. Not for the faint of heart, the show has covered haunted spots like Balete Drive and Diplomat Hotel to tragedies like the Pepsi Paloma case and the Ozone Disco Fire.


Wake Up with Jim and Saab

If you’re looking for something more light hearted and off the cuff with personable hosts that obviously have a great rapport, you might enjoy “Wake Up with Jim and Saab,” hosted by real-life married couple Saab Magalona and Jim Bacarro. They tackle almost every topic under the sun, from relatable content on relationships, to their opinions on TV shows and movies. Lately, they’ve also crossed over to timely discussions on current affairs.


Marvel’s Wolverine

Upcoming blockbusters are pushing back their premieres lately, and it might be awhile before we get to see any new ones on the big screen. Fortunately, Marvel has ventured into the podcast format, with a gripping story centered on Wolverine himself. Performed by actors and impeccably produced, this podcast is an adventure like your favorite superhero movie.


You Must Remember This

Fascinated by Old Hollywood? Maybe you’re a film buff, or you just enjoy finding out about what goes on behind the scenes? “You Must Remember This” covers an endless array of stories about Hollywood’s first century, from the well-known like Charles Manson and Marilyn Monroe to lesser known ones. Each episode is well-researched and well-told, what went on behind the camera is more interesting than what we see in front of it.


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