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Easy meriendas you can make with sweet potatoes

Easy meriendas you can make with sweet potatoes

kamote merienda

Kamote, or sweet potato, is among the staple crops in the country, and because of its abundance, it’s readily available (and affordable) in groceries and markets. Moreover, this sweet-tasting vegetable is perfect for those who want a nutritious snack, as it is a good source of vitamins A, B and C, plus calcium, iron and phosphorus.

Since strengthening our immune system proves to be even more important nowadays, incorporating vegetables like kamote in your menu may be something you’d want to do, even in your snacks and desserts. Check out these seven easy-to-make meriendas with kamote as the star ingredient.

Kamote Delight

Kamote, together with egg yolk, vanilla, butter, cheese and evaporated, condensed and powdered milk, can be used to make this quick cake called kamote delight.

Kamote Donut

This very simple recipe contains ingredients that you can easily find in your kitchen: kamote, salt, all-purpose flour, sugar, water and cooking oil. That’s it. 

Kamote Turon

Spice up your turon recipe by swapping the usual banana with kamote in this four-ingredient recipe that even children can help make.

Kamote Cheese Balls

Another treat that uses kamote which children, or anyone who loves cheese, will probably enjoy is this deep-fried snack which only requires cheese cubes, condensed milk, all-purpose flour, melted butter, beaten egg and breadcrumbs.

Kamote Palitaw

If you’re in the mood for kakanin, this kamote twist to the chewy and delicious palitaw can be the next merienda recipe you can try. Aside from mashed kamote, you’ll need glutinous flour, coconut milk, sugar (preferably muscovado, palm or brown) and grated or desiccated coconut to make this classic Filipino treat.

Kamote Pancake

Make pancakes even more nutritious by using kamote as your batter instead. Just steam some sweet potatoes and blend it with egg, vanilla and salt until thick. You can either mix by hand or use a blender for this.

Kamote Maruya

Another way you can use kamote as a substitute for banana is by making maruya, which is also known as banana fritters. With a simple ingredient list made up of kamote, flour, sugar, salt, evaporated milk and cooking oil, this crunchy treat is a snack you can easily whip up at home.


Header photo by Louis Hansel @shotsoflouis on Unsplash

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