May 16, 2020

Ever wonder what would happen if you combine your favorite doughnut flavors with popcorn? Now you don’t have to—as Krispy Kreme and Chef Tony’s Popcorn has teamed up to give your favorite doughnut flavors a new form.

Krispy Kreme and Chef Tony’s recently teamed up to create popcorn versions of the doughnut brand’s best-selling flavors. The popcorn comes in two flavors, original glazed and chocolate glaze, both of which have been handcrafted by Chef Tony’s.

The Krispy Kreme doughnut is available for delivery in bundles through the Candy Corner website. Customers can choose between getting two 90-gram tubs of original glazed popcorn or two 110-gram tubs of chocolate glaze popcorn for P195. You can also get one tub of each flavor for the same price.


Header photo courtesy of Krispy Kreme Philippines

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