May 28, 2020

Prime Pacific Foods, Inc. has announced that OmniPork luncheon meat, a vegan version of processed meat, will be coming to the  Philippines soon.

Initially launched in ground meat form, OmniPork is made with shiitake mushroom, pea, non-genetically modified organism (GMO) soy and rice. The company’s new vegan pork alternative reportedly resembles the taste and texture of processed luncheon meat.

OmniPork claims that the calorie content of OmniPork luncheon meat is 68 percent lower than uncooked regular ground pork. Its saturated fat and cholesterol content are also both 100 percent lower compared to uncooked regular ground pork, the company says.

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The luncheon meat alternative will be available in the Philippines in the third quarter of 2020. However, OmniPork ground meat (P550) can now be purchased through Prime Pacific Foods, Inc.’s website.

Currently distributed by OmniFoods in Hong Kong, OmniPork ground meat is meant to address concerns over the health risks of processed meat consumption. Its vegan luncheon meat version will also be available in Hong Kong for retail this July.


Original header photo from OmniPork

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