Jul 15, 2020

“When all else fails, I’m here to listen to you,” my film professor would always remind me. And sure, there were quotes worth remembering from all the films they made me watch (and write reaction papers on) but this line stuck with me the most. Probably because besides my family and a few friends, they were the only one who I turned to when I felt anxious and overwhelmed.

Most of us depended on our teachers at least once in our lives. They’ve always been there when we feel down and need somebody to listen—but who do they turn to when they need guidance, too? They are trained to safeguard their students’ mental wellbeing but who’s there to protect theirs?

A 2017 research by Cheryl Travers of Loughborough University in the United Kingdom found that teachers usually get stressed out due to work-related issues and can possibly result in depression and poor attrition if not addressed. In 2018, there were two reported cases of teachers who died by suicide. According to the Teachers’ Dignity Coalition (TDC), both were “purportedly due to work-related issues.” 

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Posted by Teachers' Dignity Coalition (TDC) on Thursday, August 30, 2018

Teachers can only do so much. They need counselling as much as we do—especially now we’re transitioning to flexible learning that most of our educators are new to. But since they can’t just go out and meet with experts, how else can we help them?

On Friday, July 17, educators are invited to a mental health webinar with the theme: “Enhancing Wellbeing: Caring for Teachers’ Mental Health amid COVID-19.” 

Experts and seasoned speakers will gather to discuss mental disorders like anxiety and depression, effects of COVID-19 to an individual’s wellbeing and how to care for teachers’ mental health amid pandemic. They will also talk about work-life balance and how to cope with changes in learning systems. 

A brief synthesis and open forum after the talk will take place to entertain questions from attendees.

Speakers include Dr. Carolina Uno-Rayco, national executive director of the Philippine Mental Health Association, Inc. and Dr. Salustiano T. Jimenez, director III and officer-in-charge of the Office of the Regional Director of the Department of Education (Region VII).

This initiative was organized by the Inquirer Group, Globe and Hope Bank in partnership with Philippine Mental Health Association, Inc. and Department of Education Region VII.


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