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My three days of rest and relaxation in the middle of a lake in Laguna, Part 1
Let me begin by saying that, apart from the title, this has very little to do with Ottesa Moshfegh’s masterpiece.
Let’s talk: Creating healthy workplaces by the Mind Museum
The World Health Organization (WHO) stated that although work is good for one’s mental health, it can also lead to physical and mental health problems when one is exposed to a negative working environment. 
Why won’t my health card help pay for my suicide attempt recovery?
It’s mental health month, so I’m going to reveal a secret I’ve been keeping for the past few weeks.
ICYMI: There’s a new 24/7 mental health crisis hotline
May is considered Mental Health Month and just in time for its observance, the Department of Health and the National Center for Mental Health launched a new mental health crisis hotline that will operate 24/7 to help Filipinos who are experiencing depression, suicidal thoughts, grief and loss, relationship issues, sexual abuse, domestic violence, gender identity and sexual orientation issues, school and career issues.
crowded psychotic pollution
Air pollution may be linked to psychosis among teenagers, says study
Teenagers living in places with higher levels of air pollution are more likely to have psychotic experiences, a study, the first to tackle the relationship between air pollution and mental health of teenagers, found out.
Photo exhibit speaks volumes on “silence” on mental illnesses
“In this exhibition, silence does not refer to tranquility or peace of mind.”
nolisoli sticker pack sad animation depression
Artist made a sticker pack that honestly conveys depressive feelings
“I have no idea why [depression] came on.
nolisoli anxiety anxious iphone tricks
Feeling anxious when you look at your phone? Here’s a trick
Being connected 24/7 is exhausting albeit undeniably convenient.
nolisoli health wellness beach benefits
Going to the beach is good for your health

It’s summer, and I’m sure we’re going to see a lot of “Time for some Vitamin Sea!”