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Mental health is about to be a bigger issue due to extreme heat

Aside from worrying about typhoons and our *literal* survival, mental health is another factor we have to consider amid the ongoing climate crisis

Trauma-informed yoga shows that movement can be medicine

Yoga has been a go-to exercise for people seeking a deeper mind-body connection. Trauma-informed yoga does just that, and potentially even more

Is ‘quiet quitting’ your job the next big self-care trend?

There’s actually no resignation letters and HR meetings involved in quiet quitting. Just setting boundaries

Quezon City is offering free mental health medication to its residents

Maintaining your mental health isn’t just difficult, it’s also expensive. Luckily, Quezon City is helping its residents shoulder some of the cost

election anxiety art by levenspeil sangalang
Anxious about the looming elections? Here’s how to deal

If you’ve had vivid dreams about candidates, or have been unable to focus at work because of the elections, don’t worry. You’re not alone

mental health hotline call
Mental health crisis hotline calls surge as pandemic continues

The only thing consistent now is how more than 500 days in community quarantine (and all its variations) are taking a toll on our mental health

From Clubhouse to Kumu: The hows and wheres of making new friends as an adult

As some of us grow older, we can find difficulty in making new friends. Here’s how you can meet new people while stuck at home

Looking for Juan feature malaya pahinga header image nolisoliph
Find rest and freedom through these blank journal and postcard sets

Looking for Juan, a local souvenir shop, has released a blank journal and a postcard collection that want to help you get some *actual* rest and reflect on what it truly means to be free

Mask anxiety is a thing, and here’s how you can work through it

Face masks are an essential way to keep us safe, but wearing one isn’t always a viable option for some

Choosing a therapist header nolisoliph
Letting go, starting over, and some lessons from my therapist

Therapy? Expensive. This article? Free