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From Clubhouse to Kumu: The hows and wheres of making new friends as an adult

As some of us grow older, we can find difficulty in making new friends. Here’s how you can meet new people while stuck at home

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Find rest and freedom through these blank journal and postcard sets

Looking for Juan, a local souvenir shop, has released a blank journal and a postcard collection that want to help you get some *actual* rest and reflect on what it truly means to be free

Mask anxiety is a thing, and here’s how you can work through it

Face masks are an essential way to keep us safe, but wearing one isn’t always a viable option for some

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Letting go, starting over, and some lessons from my therapist

Therapy? Expensive. This article? Free

Choosing a therapist header nolisoliph
A (non-official, non-medical) guide to finding the right therapist

For almost half my life, I’ve been in and out of therapy. I’ve struggled with…

3 things we’re getting wrong about mental health

While conversations on mental health are becoming more common today, there remains a lot of…

Taking care of your family’s mental health shouldn’t be complicated. Just remember these 5 tips

For a very family-oriented culture, it’s surprising that families have a lot to learn about…

Why on earth are people going on leisurely trips amid a pandemic? ‘Caution fatigue’ might explain why

It’s been more than 200 days since the lockdown began, and I’ve only been out…

I’ve lived with ADHD for 20 years, and I wish I wasn’t so uninformed about it

In the spirit of Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) Awareness Month, I’m going to open up about…

Your deep dives into bad news give you more anxiety than you think

Here’s how I’ve been doing research for my articles lately: I open social media to…