Jul 20, 2020

A lot of people claim that matcha is an acquired taste—some find it too bland, while others think it’s just not as sweet and sugary as your average dessert. However, as a green tea enthusiast, I beg to differ and I’m sure the ever-growing market of matcha bakers agree. Matcha is the perfect mix of sweet nuttiness and pleasantly bitter undertones, as well as a creamy consistency. While it was more avidly used for lattes and other drinks, more confections are popping up—candies, cakes, donuts and even more.

In our consistent effort to support small local businesses, here’s where you can find some matcha pastries online.


Basque MNL

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One bite. Two flavors. One reaction – YUM! 😋

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Basque burnt cheesecake was one of quarantine’s food trends. The usual white and creamy cheesecake flavor still stands as the classic go-to but now homecooks are changing it up—by incorporating matcha into the mix. Basque MNL recently released a two-toned matcha cheesecake that you just have to try.


Good Boy Cookies

As a pastry that works both as an after-meal dessert or a standalone snack, cookies have a knack for making you want to come back for a second (and third and fourth) piece. This online bakery’s cookies aren’t just a matcha delight, they’re filled with gooey white chocolate, too.


Milk Box

Your Japanese dessert cravings can probably be satisfied by Milk Box. Included in their different Hokkaido-inspired cakes is their matcha chizu—chiffon cake, cheesecake and matcha mousse rolled into one.


Sweet Bites Bakehouse

Matcha-flavored crisp and chewy crinkles already sound good in itself but at Sweet Bites Bakehouse, they’re made like sandwiches with a hefty scoop of cream cheese filling in between two crinkles.



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Our menu! ➡️

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Another cookie creation to add to this list: Alarmiento’s soft and chewy white chocolate chip matcha cookies  that are pretty big and enough to fill you  with just dessert.


Bakes by Hazelnut

This cheesecake looks like it’s more matcha than it is cheese. Other than a green tea and cream cheese base, it’s also topped with green tea frosting and powder and some macadamia nuts. 


El Quezo MNL

This online bakery claims that even non-matcha lovers will get hooked on their matcha Basque burnt cheesecake. They could be right too as it sold out on the first day of its release.


82 Baker Street

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We love this flavour so matcha 🍵💚

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Okay, so it looks like many homecooks are taking on this matcha plus white chocolate cookie mix and 82 Baker Street’s showing us a gooey, melt-in-your-mouth kind of situation that tastes just as good as it looks.



Header photo courtesy of Bakes by Hazelnut

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