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Marikina is asking their residents to exchange rats for cash—what?

Marikina is asking their residents to exchange rats for cash—what?

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Although the start of the rainy season was announced in July, the recent onset of stormy weather is making it more evident that the skies are just going to keep on pouring. Traffic and flooding aside, the downpour also means diseases like dengue and leptospirosis could potentially be on the rise. 

The City of Marikina has come up with an interesting (to say the least) way to curb the city’s risk of leptospirosis. Trading in rats for money. 

The aptly named “Daga Mo Palit Cash Program” encourages residents of Marikina City to bring the disease-carrying creatures—dead or alive—to their City Environment Management Office (CEMO) to be weighed and measured in exchange for a cash grant.

According to Marikina City vice mayor Marion Andres (who is also a registered medical doctor), “Simple lang ang ating mechanics magdala ng daga, patay man o buhay, sa City Environment Management Office sa darating na October 15 at 16, 9:00 a.m.- 11:00 a.m.”

Enterprising residents of other cities need not enter, because the program is only for those who reside in Marikina. Potential hunters will need to present a proof of residence in order to receive the cash grants doled out by the local government. Senior citizens and minors are also not allowed to participate in the program. 

If you’re worried about the safety precautions they’re taking during the activity, the city is applying stringent COVID-19 protocols to whoever brings in their catch of the day. 

Thankfully, the program will only be running for two days to minimize the risk of people breeding pests in exchange for money (which is a risk considering the current economic situation). 

Hunters, please stay safe. And Stuart Little, please stay home. 


Header image by Mert Guller  on Unsplash

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