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The best coffee cup, according to people who drink a lot of coffee

The best coffee cup, according to people who drink a lot of coffee


There’s a secret to a perfect cup of coffee. Yes, obviously good beans, water-coffee ratio and the ideal grind. Sure. But also the right temperature. Some people like it scalding hot. (How will you know you’re alive on a Monday if you’re not giving yourself third-degree burns to galvanize you after a weekend stupor?) Others prefer a pleasant, mellow steam. The National Coffee Association recommends a temperature of 90.5°C to 96°C for a perfect brew. 

The 220ml egg cup and saucer in millennial pink (P650)
Gen-Z yellow manifested in this 150ml egg cup and saucer (P620)

These porcelain Orion coffee cups provide a thick wall to keep coffee at the right temperature, while the round base allows coffee to settle at the bottom and develop full flavor. These high temperature-fired porcelain Italian coffee cups come in a variety of sizes: 80ml espresso cup (P520), 150ml egg cup (P620) and 220ml egg cup (P650).

For non-coffee drinkers, the cups work for matcha and tea, too
Orion 80ml espresso cup comes in black, grey, jade, mint and sky blue (P520)

The egg shape and creamy smooth finish in a variety of photo-friendly colors all work to create a cafe experience at home. The dense body yields a cozy, homey feeling. 

Fans of brands like Le Creuset, Staub or Dansk will probably enjoy this brand. You can purchase it here.

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