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These teacup sets are *literally* works of art

These teacup sets are *literally* works of art

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There are two types of tea that we love: Tea, as in the aromatic beverage made by boiling leaves in hot water, and tea, as in the juicy stories we get from other people. Both of these are part of tea time with tita, which unanimously makes it our favorite period of the day.

Seriously speaking though, tea (as in the aromatic beverage) is good for your health. Aside from containing antioxidants, it also helps reduce the risk of heart attack and lower blood pressure. Researchers also found that tea helps lower our body’s levels of the stress hormone cortisol.

For avid tea drinkers, having dainty tea sets are just as important as having good brews. So if you’re looking for artistic and stylish pots and cups to use for your next tea time, we are gladly spilling the tea on where to find them.


Van Gogh-inspired sets from Deqorasyon MNL

The famous 1889 oil canvas painting “Starry Night” by Van Gogh which currently sits in The Museum of Modern Art in New York can also be in your teacup set. Yes, you read that right—and it is made possible by these pieces inspired by the Dutch artist’s magnum opus available through Deqorasyon MNL.

Aside from “Starry Night,” the shop also has pieces painted with similar patterns from Van Gogh’s post-impressionist still-life paintings “Vase with Chinese Asters and Gladioli,” “Almond Blossoms” and “Sunflowers.”  

To order, message Deqorasyon MNL on Instagram


Mrs. Potts and Chip set from Mesa Moderna

Nothing says “be our guest” better than this porcelain tea set designed after the famous mother-and-son duo from the Disney classic “Beauty and the Beast.” Looking exactly like the doting mother teapot and the energetic little teacup, these pieces are available from this online tableware business for P2,100.

To order, message Mesa Moderna on Instagram


Mermaid tail-themed set from Harper and Harlow

Look at this stuff—isn’t it neat? For a subtler Disney reference during your daily tea time, complete your teacup collection with the colorful Marina sets from curated home and lifestyle online shop Harper and Harlow which has been in the biz for five years already. Each Marina teacup is designed with mermaid scales embossed on its porcelain body with gold rims, bases and handles to match.

Shop through Harper and Harlow’s website here 


Face sculpture set from Home Talk

We are lowkey loving this sculpture-like teacup set called Kaleeya from Bulacan-based online tableware business Home Talk. Available in black and white with gold-colored handles, these tea sets are shaped like a face with details like the nose, ears and lips shaped very intricately. 

To order, message Home Talk on Instagram


Gustav Klimt-inspired cups from Molmol House

These ones aren’t teacup sets per se, but they’re still artsy mugs that we’d love to sip our drinks from. Made of fine bone china, these mugs are designed with masterpieces from Austrian symbolist painter Gustav Klimt who is also known for being a prominent member of the Vienna Secession movement. Some of his paintings you’d see printed on these mugs are “The Kiss” and “Portrait of Adele Bloch Bauer.”

To order, message Molmol House on Instagram


Header photos from Deqorasyon MNL and Mesa Moderna

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