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Are you ready to move to a new area? Here are some questions to ask beforehand

Are you ready to move to a new area? Here are some questions to ask beforehand

  • Moving to a new area, while appealing, is a pretty big commitment

Do you find yourself seriously considering relocating after months of being stuck at home? You’re not alone: More people are looking to buy their own homes, whether it’s because they want a more comfortable work-from-home experience or they’re leaving their family homes as part of social distancing measures. Even businesses are looking for opportunities to invest in or relocate office spaces, despite having remote work setups.

While quarantine restrictions have eased, there are still many things to consider when moving—especially with the uncertainty of travel and job security. But if you’ve made up your mind about it, here are some questions to ask yourself:

Are there public transport options?

One of the first things to consider before moving out, especially if you’re looking to relocate to the suburbs or outside the city, is access to public transport. If you don’t have a car, look for public transport options in the area you’re considering and how long it would take to get to your destinations.

If you’re traveling by car, keep an eye out for areas like Arca South, which have central operating systems that monitor traffic and security.

If you’re a frequent flyer, it might be a good idea to move to properties like Arca South, which is situated near Makati, BGC and Ninoy Aquino International Airport. It would be another benefit if the area you’re looking at has a central operating system that monitors traffic and security.

What are the real estate options like?

The next question you need to start thinking about is the kind of space you want to live in. Start your search by coming up with a wish list that includes the price, layout, number of bedrooms, amenities you want to have in your new home—and then plug those details in property finder websites.

Aside from looking at property finder websites, you should also consider planned unit developments since these are most likely to have residential units that are ready for occupancy. 

Will the apartment make me feel comfortable? Are the amenities convenient and easily accessible? Properties like Avida Towers Vireo can answer those questions.

Arca South in Taguig, for example, has a variety of condominium towers from different developers. Ayala Land Premier, for one, has Arbor Lanes and Gardencourt Residences—which provides walkable leisure spaces through urban gardens. 

Alveo Land, meanwhile, hopes to promote leisurely parkside living and efficient energy use through The Veranda and Park Cascades. These projects use the Aeroflux System, which maximizes fresh air circulation and natural light dispersion.

What amenities would you like to see in your future home? If you lead an active lifestyle, consider looking into properties like Park Cascades—which come with swimming pools and green spaces.

Avida Land’s mid-rise condominiums, One Union Place and Vireo, promises a comfortable yet convenient living experience. Their units are located near Arca South’s main street, providing people with walkable access to a variety of retail spaces.

What’s the job market like?

If you’re not moving out to be closer to your workplace, the availability of job opportunities within the vicinity is something you should keep in mind. Take into account your field of expertise, companies that allow a work-from-home set up and look into properties close to cities that have diverse employment options for job seekers or are known hubs for various industries. 

It also helps to consider areas that are working on developing new job opportunities. Communities like Arca South, one of Ayala Land’s three central business districts, are building corporate towers from Alveo Land and Makati Development Corporation along with its partner locators including Arthaland, Daiichi Properties and Bamberton. 

Is the quality of life better?

Beyond access to public transport and job opportunities, it helps to ask if moving will improve your quality of life. If you’re the type that enjoys the outdoors or the nightlife, an area that offers easy access to entertainment and sports activities, or social spaces like parks and gyms is a standout choice.

The abundance of trees promote cleaner air and less stress in an area—both of which can be found in properties like Ayala Land Premier’s Gardencourt Residences.

Areas that encourage a holistic lifestyle should also be something to keep in mind. Aside from a bustling business district, Arca South is also working towards being a lifestyle district through a wide selection of retail and dining options for residents and visitors.

They also have urban lifestyle hotels like Seda Hotel and venues for sports and family activities. There are also green spaces and outdoor areas that promise a comfortable living experience.

Do you regularly take staycations? Are there restaurants in your area that you can’t find yourself leaving behind? Areas like Arca South have a selection of lifestyle outlets that might make you feel at home.

Moving to a new area might seem daunting, especially amid a pandemic, but gathering information about the area you want to move into goes a long way. A place that feels perfect in every category won’t be easy to find, but you will always come upon one that suits your needs by prioritizing the factors that mean the most to you. © 2020. Hinge Inquirer Publications, Inc.