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We tried getting our tarot cards read. Here’s how it went

We tried getting our tarot cards read. Here’s how it went

  • People have a lot of preconceived notions about tarot card reading. But what is it *actually* like to get your cards read?
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I was always kind of terrified of the occult—like tarot card reading and such—but I recently decided to give it a try. If you’re not in the loop, things like astrology, tarot card reading, and energy healing are very much in vogue again. 

From astrology meme accounts on Instagram and a whole subgenre devoted to tarot readings, down to apps like Co-star (which is apparently sketchy) that give you a daily reading based on your signs, many people are looking up at the stars for some guidance. 

Photo by petr sidorov on Unsplash

As someone wasting away their 20s in a pandemic, I’m feeling very lost. I have a pretty good grasp of what I want out of life, but I have no idea how to go about things. 

When my boss, Pau (who also happens to be my friend and the managing editor of Nolisoli), told me that she was going to get her cards read by a friend of a friend, I thought why not? 

A secondhand account of a firsthand experience

Like with food and movies, I always ask the people who tried it what it was like before jumping in. Much like Pau, I am a tarot newbie. We were both curious about it and wanted to see just how accurate or true the readings are. And like most of those uneducated in the tarot space, we saw it as fortune-telling—which apparently isn’t the case. 

For her first reading, Pau consulted a friend of a friend (whom she had never met before) about her love life. “As a single, almost-28-year-old-with-a-crush, I wanted to know if I should pursue my crush or give up on it,” she told me. 

So I asked her how it went, and without divulging too much sensitive information she said that it felt very casual, and pretty much hit the nail on the head. 

“The whole session was also casual because we were of the same age group, so I felt at ease. We did the session via Facebook Messenger video call. I also got our mutual friend to sit in as a sort of witness since I didn’t trust my memory and I might forget things,” Pau said. 

Photo by petr sidorov on Unsplash

“Without going into too much detail, the session was surprisingly accurate. Again, this was the first time I’ve ever met the reader, so for her to be able to pull insights about my situation from the cards that were pulled surprised me,” she added. 

My chismosa gene kicked into full gear after our conversation, so I had to ask her if anything came true yet. She responded with a very optimistic, “I think it’s starting to.”

Pau did share a bit of extra wisdom when it comes to tarot reading, though. After two readings with two different readers, this is what she had to say about it. 

“One thing both readers told me was that tarot isn’t so much about telling my future, but rather it’s a reflection of my energy and the universe’s at a particular time (like when you get your reading), and ultimately what happens in the future—whether the reading ‘will come true’ or not—depends on what actions I will take.”

And with that, I was sold. 

An unexpected reading with some expected answers

I booked my reading on the same day Pau told me about hers, with the same reader. My attitude toward tarot reading was a little more calm after hearing how hers went. The day I had my reading, I was feeling especially lost. From what Pau told me, I tried to channel my energy into something more positive for the reading, because with these things, your mindset matters. 

Before my reading started, Jess (our reader) told me to relax, remove all distractions, and focus my energy into asking one question. It couldn’t be a yes or no question, and it would be better if it were open-ended. From the get go, I already knew what I wanted from that reading. I knew the path I wanted to take, I just wanted to make sure that I was on track. 

Things got a little interesting when we started though.

Photo by petr sidorov on Unsplash

Instead of a general life reading that I intended, she gave me a love life reading. This is interesting primarily because my love life has been weighing heavily on my mind (as someone who has never been in a relationship and is nearing the end of her mid-20s). My heart wanted to ask for a love life reading, but my brain insisted on a general life one. 

The love life reading (which was unexpected to say the least), just told me what I already knew, with a few extra details. I knew I had to be patient (which was the first thing that the cards said), and I knew that I would have to make a few difficult decisions (which the cards also told me about). 

After that, my general life reading went in a pretty similar fashion. 

It gave me the assurance that I was on the right path, which is of utmost importance to me. Instead of drawing grand plans about the future and showing me the way, it gave me the confidence to keep on doing what I’m already doing. 

And I’m a believer (?) 

Tarot cards aren’t windows into the future. At least not to me. It’s more of a way to channel your energy in showing you the different possibilities that lay ahead. Tarot is a fun exercise to get to know yourself and your intentions better, but you shouldn’t see it as a solution to your problems or a way to predict what comes next. 

Pau likened it to the law of attraction: “The energy you give out is the energy you get.”

We both believe in energy in general, like how positive energy will bring you good things, but personally, the jury’s still out on the mystical energy side of things.

“The stars can only do so much. The rest is up to you.”

As far as my reading coming true, I think it might be. The cards told me to be patient because there’s a lot of waiting involved when it comes to the things I want in life—be it love, career, or general happiness. 

With astrology, tarot, and other mystic beliefs that have to do with destiny, my take on it is “The stars can only do so much. The rest is up to you.” So if you’re seeking clarity or you just want to try it out, you should do it. I loved the experience so much and I’m definitely going to do it again.

I’ll leave you with a little bit of wisdom from tarot TikTok (which Pau graciously reminded me of), “Hey bestie! Take what resonates and leave what doesn’t.” And I think that just about says it all. 

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