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How Grindr sunset profiles swiped into a queer community-based art initiative

What started as two separate projects by artists Czar Kristoff and Zeus Bascon became a community coming-together, a safe space, and possibly, an intervention

Pio Abad’s latest exhibit reveals the ugliness behind the beauty of martial law

The London-based Filipino artist returns to talks about navigating the cognitive dissonance of our fraught understanding of history

Filipinos again: Reconnecting with those with a different opinion

The current election appears to be more divisive than any time in history, threatening work, social, and family bonds

What’s so toxic about toxic positivity?

“Good vibes only” is a problematic catchphrase that only serves to hide the reality of an issue instead of solving it

Will the next elections reveal the turning tide of political opinions?

In November 2017, a number of my friends cheered as Donald Trump won the U.S.…

The private sector is mobilizing to fund medical frontliners. Where are gov’t funds for healthcare?

As the 2019 novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) continues to ravage the world and country, a…

Why analog is here to stay

In the early ‘90s, then-university student Gunther Frohnhöfer worked at an audio shop to pay…