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Sarah Geronimo shines brighter in her Empowered Woman era

Sarah Geronimo shines brighter in her Empowered Woman era

  • Sarah on financial literacy: “We should be knowledgeable when it comes to our money because it’s part of growth and life”

Asian Popstar Royalty Sarah Geronimo is traversing an inspiring journey towards becoming her own empowered self with new business ventures, a high-flying career as a singer-actor, and new-fangled passions that she has recently pursued.  

Sarah is the President of G Productions, a production company that she started with her husband Matteo Guidicelli during the pandemic. The company takes immense pride in providing diverse platforms to showcase the concealed creativity and passion of local filmmakers, content creators, writers, artists, and storytellers. It offers brand marketing, creatives and production, and digital media management services.

“We see some artists with a lot of potential that is not maximized. We feel that they are really good, and they just need more push to make the best use of their talents and potential,” Sarah said. Sarah recently collaborated with Filipino songwriters for her new songs.

“We have been co-producing Sarah’s music videos and concerts with our management label Viva Artists Agency for two years now,“ Matteo said. “She has creative control of doing what she wants to do and I’m just here to support my wife.” The company’s most recent project was Sarah’s concert with musician Bamboo at the Araneta Coliseum.

The couple also owns G Studios, a physical studio that opened in Alabang recently for artists who live in the south and need a venue to shoot or record songs and videos. 

Behind the scenes with Sarah’s Partner for Life

Behind the klieg lights, however, Sarah and Matteo are just like any other couple who enjoy traveling, eating, shopping, and even crying while watching their favorite flicks together. They work out regularly but Sarah goes the extra mile with yoga, Pilates, and running on the treadmill every morning and before bedtime, emphasizing that living a healthy life is part of their being a couple. 

While Matteo manages the household budget, Sarah cooks dinner and washes the dishes. “Sarah has earned a certificate from the Heny Sison Culinary School. She makes very good lunch and dinner, including plant-based food,” Matteo beamed.  

Sarah and Matteo are also passionate about the environment, so much so that they incorporate sustainable practices into their everyday life. In fact, they have a farm in Laguna where farmers grow crops like arugula, lettuce, cherry tomatoes, and other fresh produce to supply their restaurants. Furthermore, Sarah currently supports the Animal Kingdom Foundation, which advocates against animal cruelty and the dog meat trade. 

G na G in preparing early for a brighter future

Sarah confessed her fears about financial security and their future family: “We’re young and newly married and we’re thinking long-term like when we will have kids, or when they go to college. If we have children, they should be equipped with knowledge about money. We should be knowledgeable when it comes to our money because it’s part of growth and life. So that’s the goal: financial literacy.”

Looking back, a week after the couple got married in 2020, the lockdown happened. They had no choice but to stay home and face the challenge which they considered their official first day of adulting together.

“The next thing I did was I opened an Excel sheet, and log our first expense as a married couple. Until today, all our expenses are there. I try to be a responsible husband especially when it comes to handling our finances,” Matteo said. For him, financial knowledge is important, so aside from discussing budgets together, each time tax season comes, he always invites Sarah to sit in.  “A lot of people get intimidated about finances because it’s numbers. But this is what Sun Life is all about. You don’t have to be scared to take that step because you have Sun Life taking that step with you,” he said.

The Guidicellis emphasized how important it is to avail of insurance and invest your money in a company that is very credible, no matter how small the amount is. Given the investment scams perennial in all social media platforms, it is key to spot the red flags before investing. “Sun Life is the perfect partner for Filipinos to start putting some money as soon as possible because the company is credible,” the couple said.

From left to right: Sun Life Philippines Chief Client Experience & Marketing Officer Carla Gonzalez-Chong; Sun Life Global EVP & Chief Financial Officer Manjit Singh; Sun Life Global EVP, Chief Client and Innovation Officer Chris Wei; Sun Life Brand Ambassadors Sarah Geronimo and Matteo Guidicelli; and Sun Life of Canada (Philippines), Inc. Chairman of the Board Lito Camacho

“It will celebrate its 128th year, its financial advisors are amazing, they know what they’re talking about, and they know what they are doing so your money is in good hands.  Don’t be afraid to ask for the help of experts and of course, partner with a credible brand, no less than the number one life insurer, Sun Life,” they added, underscoring that as each other’s lifelong partners, it is comforting to know that Sun Life Philippines has got their backs as their Partners for Life. 

A Star destined to become the Sun

Sarah is the newest brand ambassador of Sun Life Philippines, the number one insurance company in the country. She joins the roster of brand ambassadors that includes her husband Matteo Guidicelli, who has been with Sun Life for eight years now. 

“I’m happy and proud to be part of a company that values the future of Filipino families and whose goal is to really educate people about financial literacy,” Sarah said.  

Being the newest ally in promoting financial literacy, Sarah headlines the company’s latest “Partner for Life” campaign, which emphasizes the importance of having someone who will help Filipinos achieve their financial goals, live a healthier life, and be the best version of themselves.

“Sarah’s journey to becoming an empowered woman taking control of her career, businesses, health, finances, and advocacies inspires us. Her eagerness to continuously learn and find support from the people she loves makes her a perfect ally of Sun Life in encouraging more Filipinos to pursue their own version of a brighter life,” Sun Life Chief Client Experience and Marketing Officer Carla Gonzalez-Chong said.

Ready to find your #PartnerforLife? Visit to know how Sun Life can help you achieve a brighter future.

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