The Broken Oven is the perfect go to for your cheat days

Their chicken iberico is worth the calories


“We won’t pretend that we’re a healthy business because we’re not. We really admit that it’s not healthy at all,” says Broken Oven’s marketing and public relations head Kyla Olives. From the same people who gave you the Olive Treat, Marco Olives is back with his Slow-Cooked Roasted Pork Belly goodness. They’ve finally extended their family and opened The Broken Oven last month at the Industrie food hive, a new air-conditioned hangout spot for everyone.

It was just last year during Christmas when they created addicting recipes such as their roasted chicken stuffed with chorizo rice and sisig. “It really started with the belly, which is an accident. We had to park in front of a meat shop where we found the most affordable meat we can buy, which is the pork belly. And so, we cooked it at home,” Kyla. When their slow-roasted pork belly became known, orders surged and before Christmas, their oven broke. The two accidents led to their food business and creating more dishes for everyone to enjoy.

“We made The Broken Oven the name so we can look back on it,” says Kyla about where the name came from. Aside from the usual pork belly, they’ve tweaked their sisig and made it into Sisig Kaninballs, a convenient way to eat sisig with your hands.  The panko coating with herbs of the Sisig Kaninballs gives that instant crunch, followed by the meaty, savory flavor of the pork inside. The rice is marinated with different spices that allow you not only to enjoy the pork filling inside but also the rice outside as well.

Pork, Belly and Cheese (Kesong Puti) Sandwich, also known as PB+C Sandwich
Sisig Kaninballs
Pork Sisig
Signature Slow-Cooked Roasted Pork Belly

For their Chicken Iberico, they’ve separated the chorizo rice from the chicken and cooked it differently with secret spices, placing the shredded chicken and topping it with torched cheese that makes extra special. Usually, the Industrie food hive is full of professionals and families during the weekend that they’ve created family style meals that can cater to large families who want to try everything on the menu.

Finally, they have included their Dry-Aged Tapa Fingers that go well with anything. It’s crispy and the saltiness doesn’t make your tongue sore; a perfect to-go snack. They’ve also established hashtags that people have been using on social media, such as #thebrokendiet because they make no promise with their cuisine but instead, let you enjoy just one cheat day. Broken Oven’s dishes appeal to both young and adults without intimidating. As their sign board says, “Nothing brings people together more than good food.” We couldn’t agree more.

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You don’t need to fly to Cebu to have lechon. Broken Oven’s slow cooked roasted pork belly will satisfy your lechon craving. The best part is the crispy pork skin.