Nov 27, 2016

Even if it’s just a T-shirt paired with jeans, deep down (even if they won’t admit it), men take the time to curate this simple a look in say, maybe five or 10 minutes. What more if they’re wearing a suit?

When it comes to grooming though, five minutes may not cut it, especially when they’re trying to impress. Sure, women take more steps to get ready for the ball, but men, too, have their own beauty regimen; they just don’t want to call it that.

Grooming transcends gender, and there’s no shame in taking down notes on how to man up when it comes to hygiene. Here are some grooming tips for men, especially when it’s time to suit up. (Surprisingly, women can also get some lessons from the dudes, particularly in shaving.)

Facial hair
Bringing out the razor daily isn’t always the answer. Shaving causes slight trauma to the skin, so doing it every day is a no-no. Besides, that 5 o’clock shadow actually looks good. Instead, try exfoliating daily. is softens the skin and unclogs pores, too. Lotion is also good after shaving, but moisturizing before the razor hits the skin can prevent ingrown hairs and bumps.

If growing a beard, a goatie, or a ’stache is your thing, shampoo it every day just as you would the hair on top of your head. Trim regularly, too.

Tip: Don’t trim while your beard or ’stache, is wet because wet hair is longer.

Grooming the brows may seem like a girl thing, but in reality, it’s not. Brows need as much TLC as the mustache. But don’t ask for tips from a woman— most of the time, women have their brows threaded or waxed. For men, plucking is better, as threading or waxing gives the brows a really clean shape that makes them look “done,” and that’s when things start to look girly. Leave some stray hairs behind.

These face-framing layers may have had their heyday in the ’70s, but if done right, sideburns may have a resurgence this new millennium. Up until the last days of disco, the thicker the sideburns, the better. But today, keeping them narrow might gain you more friends. Don’t let them grow wider than an inch; like with your facial hair, trimming is key.

Most men’s haircuts have been the same since forever. Whether it’s a Jew-fro like Bob Dylan’s or wavy like Conan’s, make sure to get a trim every month, not unless you want long hair like Brad Pitt’s in Legends of the Fall. Don’t forget to neaten the back of your neck, too. For those with receding hairlines, here’s a tip: keep the front trimmed and swept across your forehead. If you go too long, the strands will look stringy.


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