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Nov 27, 2016 |


Cross-stitch fabric

Embroidery thread

Hoop/Frame Needle



NOTE: Cross-stitch is similar to painting in pixels. When plotting your design, make use of the squares on the fabric to map out where to place each cross- stitch and color.


  1. On the plank, divide the space to allow all three clamps and jars to it.
  2. Using a pencil, draw marks on the plank where each clamp will be drilled onto.
  3. Drill a hole on each clamp and on the marks placed on the plank.
  4. Screw on each clamp using a screwdriver. Once screwed on, fit each Mason jar through the clamps.
  5. Tighten the clamps around the neck of the Mason jar, making sure it won’t slip through when upright.
  6. Hang on wall.

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