Jun 8, 2017

Repetitive ruts, long commutes, and mid-afternoon drowsiness are common adult scenarios most of us are all too familiar with. We can get a cup of coffee, walk, play music, but what else can keep us productive and inspired at the same time? Instead of bumping your usual morning (or evening) commute playlist, try these podcasts for a change.

The 5 AM Miracle by Jeff Sanders

“Dominate your day before breakfast,” is the recurring (but powerful) mantra you’ll hear every time you listen to Jeff Sanders’ The 5 AM Miracle. Sanders, a successful marathon runner and author, said that this approach helped him reach his own personal success. This weekly podcast helps audiences develop early morning habits and rituals that lead to a healthier lifestyle and a more successful one at that. Some of The 5 AM Miracle’s best episodes featured guests like Deepak Chopra, Stephanie Gibson, and Ted Ryce.

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Getting Things Done

Getting Things Done, or simply GTD, is a work-life management system that has already helped countless individuals and organizations master focus, clarity, and confidence in their line of work. Each episode spans to about an hour or so, so you can definitely get some work done while listening to David Allen’s realistic approach on how to achieve a successful work-life balance.

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NYTimes Book Review

It’s kind of like Audible, but instead of listening to the book itself, you go straight to the good (and not so good) parts. Listen to your favorite authors talk about their latest work, or listen to critics break down every literary piece bit by bit.

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99% Invisible

If you’re an avid reader of evergreen articles, this podcast is for you. 99% Invisible is a digital space where things you don’t normally think or talk about, a.k.a. “the unnoticed architecture and design that shape our world,” are being discussed in an informative and entertaining way. From ordinary objects to infrastructure, history, and technology, this podcast will keep you awake with new knowledge you never thought you needed.

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Accidental Creative

Accidental Creative is designed for the creative economy, or those who prefer to identify themselves as creative rather than organized. This podcast covers a gamut of topics like time management, business, the common mistakes of leadership, and many more. Todd Henry, the man behind Accidental Creative, also invites guests from time to time including Dan Harris and Laura Vanderkam.

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