Jun 21, 2017

Admit it. As parents, we’re ultimately stressed out during a rainy weekend afternoon. That’s because the kids get bored and that means they can get a little annoying. And honestly, as tempting it is to hand them a phone or an iPad, you really should reconsider the screen time your child is exposed to. Even you.

So rather than spending hard earned money at the closest mall, try staying home and engaging your child with activities he can do indoors.

1. Arts & Crafts

Live a little. Get paint on your hands and teach your baby how to make shapes. Get out the colored chalk and start drawing your favorite characters on the wall. Search online for simple DIY crafts projects you and your child can do together like a diorama or a mixed media collage.


2. Science Experiments

Channel your inner Bill Nye The Science Guy with easy-to-do science experiments with household items. Refer to Youtube for videos, and you’ll find recipes for volcanoes made with just baking soda, dishwashing liquid and vinegar. Slime isn’t difficult to make either.

3. Indoor Exercises

Try warming up a rainy day by moving your bodies. Lay out some mats and get into some basic yoga poses. I recommend Cosmic Kids Yoga channel on Youtube for child-friendly narratives that incorporate yoga poses. Get into dancing as well and break a sweat wiggling and moving to the rhythm with your kid.


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4. Kitchen Bonding

Teach your child the basics of cooking and he won’t have a hard time “adulting” in the future. Start with omelettes and mixing in various ingredients to see their different results in taste and texture. Move on to baking and teach your kid how to form shapes with cookie dough.

5. Concert/ Fashion Show/ Dress-up

Scour your closets for old clothes and accessories you can use to create fictional characters. Drape some old blankets and create a stage on the bed or a line of tunnels that lead to a magical land. Don’t hinder you and your child’s imagination. The possibilities are limitless and it helps him expand his horizons, and even build on his character.


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