Jul 7, 2017

We’re slowly dying with the air we breathe. A study conducted by non-government organization Kaibigan ng Kaunlaran at Kalikasan (KKK) that advances sustainable development by providing science-based research to policy makers, recently revealed that 76% of our air pollutants come from vehicular emissions, 20% from burning roadside refuse, and 4% from industrial sources.

The study cited that ‘‘Not only is this costing the country and Filipinos billions in potential income every day, traffic congestion in Metro Manila is also contributing largely to respiratory and cardiovascular diseases. Inhalation and ingestion of pollutants from mobile sources can cause diseases such as asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, heart disease and stroke’.’

This should be a wake-up call for every Filipino to pressure the government into aggressively pushing greener solutions. As individuals, here are some ways we can help lessen congestion on the road and soon, air pollution as a whole.

1. Share your ride

Ride sharing options on Grab and Uber help lower costs significantly during peak hours while lessening the number of single passenger cars on the road. Carpool apps like Wunder and Waze Carpool are safe to use and exist because they want one less car on the road.


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2. Bike or scoot

Notice that more and more employees are turning to bikes? Both de pedal and electric. Also, you’ll notice an influx of electric scooters where adults can relive their childhood as a means of transportation. While snaking through gridlock traffic has its perks, it’s really exposing to the rest of the city dwellers that it can be done, even on a daily basis.


3. Love your P2P

Its lines can get long but they never stay long because you’re assured a bus comes and goes every 30 minutes and at a specific station too. That definitely beats waiting on the side of the road having to compete (and stampede) with other commuters for a bus or jeep during rush hour. Those in cars can park by the nearest P2P stop, go to work and back, then drive the rest of the way without passing EDSA or the likes.


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4. Push for electric vehicles 

Despite fuel prices and air pollution rising, car companies are still selling brand new cars like pancakes. Older vehicles with uncleaned fuel injectors and carburetors only add to the toxic smog in the city with its emissions. While choosing to ride an E-jeep or buying an electric bike can be noble, a more lasting effect is through pressuring local government units to push for electric means of transportation. They need to have their eyes pried open to realize the efficiency and possibility of cleaner emissions. Or better yet, none at all.

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