Jul 10, 2017

She’s the queen of all media, a Filipino movie star, and an upcoming Hollywood celebrity. Kris Aquino may be a great number of things, but most important of all, she’s a great and amusingly “Extra” single mother.

Long gone are the days of her being the unreachable celebrity given rise by her political figure of a father and her wealthy, presidential mother. Kris Aquino now holds dear to the hearts of Filipinos, and it’s all thanks to her kids.

Just as she does with most things in her life, she gives motherhood her 110%. Of course, it’s all beholden to the eyes of social media. Here are the three tips to garner in all the wonderfully amusing documented interactions of Tita Kris parenting Kuya Josh and Baby Bimb.

Tip #1: Never be shy about being a proud mama.

In fact, Kris’ actions suggest to always take your appreciative gestures for the kiddos to a 100.

Kris expresses her love and pride in a recent post on social media boasting of her bunso’s latest accomplishment in the academe. That she’s shared for the whole world to meme.

Sure, it might be a source of embarrassment for baby Bimb today. But the rest of the Filipino virtual world sure does appreciate the effort and the outrageous lengths this single mother goes to celebrate the milestones in her sons’ lives. And I’m sure Bimby will appreciate the gesture in the future, having solid proof that he does his mama proud.

Tip #2: Keep an open line with your kids.

Another memorable moment happened during an interview the mother and son tandem had with Kris’ long time friend, Boy Abunda.

In the interview, Bimby unabashedly hinted at knowing of his mother’s love prospects. The adults laughed it off, but this only proves the open communication between the two and the closeness and trust it’s cultured in their small family of three.

Tip #3: Staying fit can and should be bonding time with your children. 

Kris also makes a point of keeping her sons in tip top shape. Often, she even makes a day of it with her family whenever they hit the gym. That’s how you get gems like this little dialogue in the video below.

When Kris asked if she could choose her future daughter-in-law, her conversation with the nine-year-old went something like this:

“Yeah…Has to be a nerd.”

“A nerd? But pretty ha. A pretty nerd.”

“Wait. But what if she’s a nerd, looks like a nerd, but in the future…”

Gaganda? How? Dra. Belo?”

Definitely something to keep in the books, embarrassment ammo for Bimby in the future.

We may poke fun at her quotable quotes and her outlandish sense of a ‘normal’ life, but, at the end of the day, one thing remains true: Kris Aquino is undeniably the best at being a mother to her children, carrying the title of ‘single mother’ with grace and dramatic flair. More mothers might want to follow suit.

Photos courtesy of inquirer.net



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