May 15, 2017

In an early morning post last Sunday, Sharon Cuneta addressed the rumors circling her husband, Kiko Pangilinan, about his alleged involvement with fellow senator Risa Hontiveros. The post also listed the many problems the star is currently facing, her helplessness at feeling alone, and why she had suddenly gone on a trip to LA. Cuneta has also been sharing inspirational messages on strength, overcoming obstacles, and generally just not being afraid of having a meltdown.


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Quote grabbed from Sharon Cuneta’s Facebook post.


But not all of us can just hop on a plane to escape from our problems, and while the quotes may be helpful, it has more chances of getting lost through the sea of infinite feed-scrolling than actually effecting any sort of change.

Thankfully, de-stressing from our issues—may it be about your monthly credit card bill, or how to save up for an upcoming trip, or even just trying to sneak in enough time to sleep or to have a social life—won’t require that big or that drastic of an action.

Take a walk in a park. 
It is scientifically proven that spending a few hours in nature can help lower your stress levels. Not only is looking at greenery helpful in easing visual stress, the brain is also naturally wired to relax at the sight of nature. Check out the Legazpi Active Park or Washington Sycip Park in Makati, or the Washington Sycip Garden of Native Trees inside the University of the Philippines-Diliman campus.




Meditate or self-practice yoga.
Another way to free yourself from stress is to meditate. Training your mind—be it to focus on good thoughts, to overcome bad ones, or to simply choosing which thoughts to focus on (thus lessening the feeling of being overwhelmed)—is an easy, not to mention free, way to decompress from the various pressures. If you feel that you’re being pushed to your limits like Sharon does, Buddhism suggests a little mind power should do the trick. All you’ll need is a quiet space. Add some scented candles and relaxing music in the background for a better experience. For the best results, make it a daily habit.

Ride a bike to see the city at a different pace.
If you feel like life has been going too fast for your liking, try riding a bike once in a while (preferably at a park or inside your village, away from the crazy Manila traffic, which is unforgiving towards small vehicles). The slower pace will allow you to enjoy the sights along the way, and it can also serve as a workout—and we all know how exercise can help generate and release happy hormones like endorphins.




Take a short trip to a nearby destination.
You don’t have to go as far as LA to escape from the stresses of life. There are a number of destinations just a few hours from Manila where you won’t have to worry about “acting like your life is perfect,” as Sharon puts it. Try heritage-rich Laguna, or glamping sites in Baler or Zambales.


Go for a swim.
More than just a summer activity, swimming allows you to slow down and really let something else—in this case, the water—support your body. There’s less pressure on your body as you swim, and not to mention the amniotic quality of being in a pool or the ocean is also reminiscent of the better days—the stress-free days of being in your mother’s womb, that is.

Whether you try all these or stick to just one, remember that like Sharon, we shouldn’t be afraid to admit when too much is too much, and that we need a break. More than anything, do it for yourself (and your sanity).

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