Massage these acupressure points to relieve your work-related aches

Acupressure is acupuncture’s less invasive cousin. It can also help you deal with your work-related headaches and lower back pain

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Finding, losing and (kind of) regaining the joy in eating

“The joy of eating isn’t just limited to tasting and consuming, it’s also about appreciating and helping the people who made your food.”

If you’re looking for a sign to rest, this is it

Really. We’re all experiencing a rest deficit

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Stretching is the simple fix you need to get rid of WFH stress

Transitioning to a work-from-home setting has helped us in many ways: We’ve cut down on…

Stressed in quarantine? You’re not alone—84% of Filipinos are, according to survey

Did you know that the Social Weather Station (SWS) has been surveying our stress levels…

Suffering from work-related back pain? Here’s a set of easy fixes

Studies show that back pain is a common occurrence for everyone, no matter the age,…

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Congrats to Manila, the fifth city with the highest burnout rate in the world

Yes, it’s official: Manila is among the places with the highest burnout rates in the…

WHO clarifies burn-out an ‘occupational phenomenon,’ not disease

UPDATE: The World Health Organization clarified on May 28 that “burn-out” remains an “occupational phenomenon”…

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5 tips for a stress-free commute

Among the all the cities in Southeast Asia, Metro Manila collectively ranks 3rd worst in…

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This is how dehydration is affecting your work

The idea of drinking eight glasses of water a day has become trite to a…