Sep 4, 2017

The -ber months have begun and you know what that means: It’s Christmas. Don’t lie, I know you’ve made—or at least heard—all the jokes about Jose Mari Chan and Mariah Carey leading up to Sept. 1.

With Christmas being such a big holiday in the country, it’s no surprise we start celebrating it the very day the first -ber month rolls in. Go to the mall and you’ll hear it. Soon, you’ll see it on the streets, too—decor, Christmas lights, lanterns, the works.

I don’t know about you, but personally I love it. I love the festivity of it all (even if Christmas shopping is hell). And as funny as it is to listen to Christmas songs a little less than four months before the actual holiday, I’m only too happy to break out and update my playlist now. I’ve figured out why, and it’s such a no-brainer. Christmas songs have a positive effect on people’s mood.

I just remember coming across the interesting fact while stuck on the road in the middle of, guess what, holiday rush traffic. It was said it would be effective to listen to Christmas songs when you’re stressed or in a bad mood, as it’ll help lift it.

I may not have the source, but you can take my word for it: It works.

If you’d like to try it out yourself, here’s a simple list of our team’s favorite holiday tunes to get you started.

Christmas in Our Hearts – Jose Mari Chan

Because it’s everywhere. And you can’t escape it.

Bea Celdran, Associate Managing Editor


O Holy Night – Josh Groban

I actually don’t have a go-to Christmas song, but I’m very fond of “O Holy Night” because that was my grandmother’s favorite. It reminds me of the last Christmas Eve that we spent with her.

Alyosha Robillos, Associate Editor


Santa Tell Me – Ariana Grande

If songs could have kids, I’d say this is the child of “Last Christmas” and “Santa Baby,” two Christmas playlist staples. I still love all the classic holiday songs (both local and international), but if I had to include just one new pop song to the mix, it’s got to be something from Ariana Grande.

— Pauline Miranda, Associate Editor

All I Want for Christmas is You – Mariah Carey

Because Mariah.

— Nimu Muallam, Creative Director


Kumukutikutitap – Ryan Cayabyab

This is the song my dad plays every Christmas morning.

— Edric Dela Rosa, Art Director


Someday at Christmas – Jackson 5

My parents play this song every Christmas, so every time I hear it, it reminds me of childhood. Like I wish Michael Jackson never grew up.

— Danica Condez, Associate Art Director


Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas – She & Him

Zooey Deschanel’s soulful, thick as wine voice and M. Ward’s simple and clean guitar plucking just gets me every time. It made this song 10 times better and more intimate. The song may sound sad, but I love how it tells me not to be too hard on myself. It perfectly encapsulates what Christmas is like for most people.

I’d sip hot chocolate (and probably ugly cry) to this every Christmas time.

— Yazhmin Malajito, Editorial Assistant


Pasko Na Sinta Ko – Gary Valenciano

My favorite Christmas song is “Pasko Na Sinta Ko” by Gary Valenciano mostly because it carries a great tune for singing. It adds a bit of bittersweetness to the season, too, being melancholy and all that.

— Anthea Reyes, Editorial Assistant


I’ll Be Home for Christmas – Michael Buble

This song makes me giddy and sentimental at the same time. My mom works overseas and so whenever she comes home for Christmas, I make it a point to get the house ready—decorations and all—as my welcome surprise for her.

— Bea Llagas, Editorial Assistant


Merry Christmas Darling – The Carpenters

I just love The Carpenters, okay? But this song feels like a postcard written for a person far away from you. It has a hint of melancholy, but it’s also hopeful. While Christmas is about celebrations and all those joyous events, it’s also the season of yearning for people you shut away from your life, people away from you, or simply those you can’t rekindle with anymore. And all you wish to do is send them a greeting card—not even a letter.

— Oliver Emocling, Editorial Assistant


What are your go-to Christmas songs? Let us know in the comments.

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