St James the Great Bolinao First Filipino Christmas legend header nolisoliph
The legend of the “first” Filipino Christmas

Two centuries before the Spaniards landed on the shores of Homonhon in Eastern Samar, a Christmas mass was celebrated in Bolinao, Pangasinan—or so the story goes

Tell us your go-to beer and we’ll tell you what noche buena food should be on your Christmas spread

Ah, Christmas! Finally, a reason to drink—in peace or with the company of family. Here are some suggested pairings based on your beer personality

COVID-19 Chrismas Surge red cross OCTA reserch philippines header nolisoliph
The Christmas COVID surge has begun, warns independent research group

For the love of everyone you love, please stay home for Christmas

how to decline in-person event invitation sf
I got an in-person event invitation. How do I politely say no?

Among the ways to gently refuse invitations from friends and relatives whose feelings you care about is by reminding them of the present health risks

Bibingka and puto bumbong con Nutella are here just in time for Simbang Gabi

How do you know Christmas is just ‘round the corner? There are tell-tale signs—even in…

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Nolisoli Gift Guide: Gifting ideas for food delivery regulars

“Nothing beats home cooking” is a phrase many of us grew up with. As children,…

The ultimate tech gift guide by people who *know* tech

If you haven’t finished—or gotten started on—buying Christmas presents for your family and friends, you’re…

Nolisoli home decor gift guide in case we still end up indoors in 2021

2020 is the year for home improvements. We had to succumb to it, actually, given…

Here’s how you can get your hands on the new iPhone 12

Apple fans, awaken. Power Mac Center has announced that it will be opening up pre-orders…

Here’s what you can do with all your leftover fruitcake (instead of regifting it)

Fruitcake has been one of the most popular traditional dishes served on holiday tables around…