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These holiday decorations aren’t just stunning—they’re edible, too

These holiday decorations aren’t just stunning—they’re edible, too

  • After seeing these desserts, you might ask: “Is it a cake? Is it decor?” The answer: it’s both

If you can’t already tell by the cool turn of the weather and the twinkling string lights in malls, Christmastime has arrived. Plotting out our noche buena feasts is one of the highlights of the season, and a noche buena is not complete without a stunning dessert to end the night. 

The holidays call for a little bit more sparkle and magic, which means the desserts can’t just be tasty—they must also be stunning. The more fantastic, extravagant, and akin to actual Christmas decor, the better. 

So if you haven’t already booked your baker for the holidays, here are a few lavish (and delicious!) masterpieces you can end your noche buena feasts with. 

Holiday wreath cake 

Wreaths are a decorative Christmas staple in homes all over the world, but this holiday wreath cake from Bizu (P795) has a bit of an edge over the competition. Instead of being made with pine or plastic, this wreath is made of genoise sponge layered with mango jelly and piped to perfection with buttercream frosting. 

Is it decor? Is it cake? Obviously, it’s a little bit of both. 

Marble sans rival 

It’s almost impossible to find fault in any of Half Saints’ pastries. The Quezon City-based restaurant and bake studio has been the sweet support system of many through the dreary days of quarantine. Its version of the classic sans rival strays from its traditional counterpart. Instead of the boxy, cream confection we’re familiar with, the Half Saints one is speckled with different colors, stacked high, and worthy of being the center of attention at Christmas dinner. 

The sans rival (P2,100 for an 8-inch cake) comes in two very Filipino flavors, ube and mango, and offers a few surprises with every bite. 

Gingerbread house

Though most of us aren’t accustomed to baking on Christmas day, that doesn’t mean we can’t have a bit of gingerbread fun. Bad Cafe has cut the work of building a gingerbread house in half, which means they do the baking, and you and the kids get to do the fun assembly part. 

The DIY gingerbread house kit (P700) comes with the cookies, icing, and all the decoration you’ll need. If you’re not the DIY type, Bad Cafe also offers the readymade version (P1,000) you can tell your friends and family you did yourself. 

We won’t tell if you won’t. 

Croquembouche tower 

Anything tall and beautiful on the noche buena table is always a welcome addition. Anything tall, beautiful, and edible, though? That’s a showstopper. Croquembouche Factory’s croquembouche holiday tower fits the bill. The cream puffs are made with French butter, three flavors of tempered Belgian chocolate, and filled with diplomat cream. The puffs are then stacked on an edible cookie base and decorated with holiday-themed cookies and icing for a more festive feel. 

You can choose between the 32-piece tower (P3,900) or the more commanding 59-piece tower (P7,600). 

Christmas smash ball

Nothing says Christmas like a little controlled chaos. Aperitif’s version of a Christmas piñata is an ornament-shaped gold chocolate ball filled with fudgy chocolate cookies, Ferrero Rocher, and Kisses (the edible kind, of course). 

The smash ball package (P2,300) also comes with a string of decorative fairy lights and a wooden hammer to help you beat away the frustrations of the year—and you know, crack the ball open. 

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