Oct 2, 2017

Whenever I’d have friends over at my place, they’d always joke that my bedroom looked like a hospital ward from a ’90s Filipino action film. It’s all because of the big, blank, off-white wall behind my bed. Three years I’ve lived in my apartment, and three years I’ve meant to paint that wide white monstrosity with a mural. Whenever I’d get the free time, I would spend endless hours on Pinterest searching for that one perfect mural that will simultaneously embody who I am as a person, give life to my bedroom, and give meaning to my life.

Now, I realize that the frustration is mutual for a lot of people out there. And so, with a doctorate in Pinterest board making, here are what I believe to be the most creative murals that will liven up your bedroom.

Watercolor Wash

What you’ll need: Water, Blend wall paint brush, Flat wall paint, a face towel

If all you want is a literal splash of color in your room, then this is the easiest choice for you. Just spray some water on your wall, apply the color of your choice, then spread the paint into the shape you want using a towel. You can go for one bold color, or play with blending different hues.


Constellation Mural

What you’ll need: Dark wall paint, Paint roller, Constellation map from the internet, projector, glittery or glow-in-the-dark paint

This one is for the aspiring astronomers and astrology believers, or just those who want to sleep under the stars inside their bedroom. Just paint your wall a dark blue color, then add the stars with a glittery gold or silver paint. Using a glow in the dark paint would be the best though. After that, it’s just a matter of playing connect-the-dots.


Geometric Pattern 

What you’ll need: A ruler or an improvised stencil from a card box, Marker or wall paint,

For something that will satisfy your inner organizational freak, decorating your wall with geometric patterns would be best. It could be as simple as drawing the pattern out with a marker to your wall or filling out triangles with different colors.


Animal portrait

What you’ll need: Various paint brushes, Wall paint, Reference photo

Personally, I find the idea of a creature on my wall, staring at me into the night a little off-putting. However, animal lovers might actually find the idea of a dog or an elephant watching over them as they sleep comforting. You can opt for a creative portrait of your spirit animal or paint an entire safari, to each their own.


Floral mural

What you’ll need: Marker, Reference photo, Wall paint and brush (optional)

Pretty is as pretty does. Having a floral wall doesn’t always have to mean those outdated floral wallpapers from your grandmother’s house. It could also mean big art nouveau-inspired floral illustrations to complement your millennial pink interiors.


Custom Map mural

What you’ll need: Projector, Map of your choice from the internet, Marker or Wall paint and brush (optional)

I know the idea of painting an entire map of anywhere sounds intimidating, but it really doesn’t have to be. The task could be as simple as getting or borrowing a projector, picking a map on the internet, and tracing it with a medium of your choice. Again, you could use a marker or experiment with an actual wall paint.

You could also go sentimental on this one by choosing the map of a place with the most meaning for you. Insert 300 Days of Summer reference here.


Scenery silhouette mural


What you’ll need: Paint roller, Wall paint, Angled sash brush (optional)

If you’re an outdoorsy type of person who wants to bring mother nature indoors without making your interiors look tacky, silhouettes are the key. This sort of mural makes use of the concept of monochrome painting, using the various shades of one color to give the illusion of depth and distance.


Did I miss anything? Do you know of other murals that should totally make it into this list or deserve more attention than the ones I’ve so expertly suggested? Let us know, and leave a comment below.

Header photo courtesy of Pinterest.com


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