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Is it really that bad to eat in bed?

Is it really that bad to eat in bed?


Kris Aquino had the perfect response when a troll commented on her Instagram post a couple of days ago about eating in bed. There’s honestly nothing wrong with it (don’t pretend that you’ve never done it) and as Aquino said in a more recent post, it’s their right to enjoy their home as they see fit.

So when does it actually become bad?

After giving it much thought, I started to read up on just how harmful it can be if you dine in bed. Here’s what I found:

Yes, there will be bugs

If it’s a habit of yours to turn your bedroom into a dining room more frequently than you’re supposed to, chances are bugs have already set up camp somewhere in the room. No matter how careful you eat, you’ll always leave small traces of food on your sheets that will then attract pesky pests. The most common ones to show up? Ants and cockroaches.

Leave the tiniest amount of food on your bed and you might wake up with bug bites.

Beware of acid reflux

In an article published by The Huffington Post, “lying down or eating when you’re not erect doesn’t promote peristalsis (a series of wave-like muscle contractions that moves food to different processing stations in the digestive system) therefore contributing to acid reflux.” Turns out mom was right.

Your sleep hygiene can go haywire

If you constantly eat on your bed, along with other non-sleep related activities (watching TV, doing your nails, etc.), you’re gonna start associating bedtime with many things but sleep. If eating in your bedroom is totally unavoidable for you, perhaps you can eat somewhere that’s not on your bed.


Featured image and screenshots courtesy of Kris Aquino’s Instagram

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