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Three effective ways to make telecommuting work

Three effective ways to make telecommuting work


If there’s anything many employees clamor for, it’s the desire to achieve work-life balance in their careers. Telecommuting or working from home has provided a great opportunity for us to work anywhere in the world (basically), giving an increased work-life flexibility. Flexible work arrangements allow us to do better at our jobs without “sacrificing personal milestones.”

Create your own ‘office hours’

It doesn’t have to be strictly 9-to-5, but patterning regular office hours with telecommuting hours is indeed effective. This is where your work-from-home flexibility kicks in. For example, if you must run errands before 9 a.m., make sure you won’t start your workday until 9:30 or 10.

Switching up your environment can get your creative juices flowing.

Try not to work in your PJs

Setting boundaries means you’ll want some physical segregation between your work and living environments. Simply put, try not to work in your PJs and get dressed as if you’re really going to work.  If that’s not possible, you can hang a button-down shirt nearby in the case of an unexpected video call. Also, try not to work in bed because there’s a 90 percent chance that you’ll only doze off. If you’re living with family and friends, kindly let them know when and if you’re working. Even if you’re at home, it’s imperative to distinguish between work and your free time.

Go out of the house

It can be as simple as working in your backyard or settling in your favorite coffee shop (a co-working space could be even better) just to switch up your environment. Sometimes your bedroom or living room isn’t the best source for inspiration and creativity so perhaps a change of scenery can do the trick.

If you’ve tried these steps but still managed to be less productive, then maybe you function better in office environments (sorry!).


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