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Instagram’s latest star is a Kiwi Grim Reaper

Instagram’s latest star is a Kiwi Grim Reaper

Ever wonder how the personification of death would celebrate the day of the dead? An Instagram account named IAmTheSwimReaper suggests that the answer might just be a relaxing day of looming in the beach.

IAmTheSwimReaper was originally created as an interactive public service announcement from the government of New Zealand to advocate water safety. It was launched in response to the estimate of 105 people dying from drowning in the island nation. And so, with an album of the Swim Reaper (get it, Swim instead of Grim) recreating signature Instagram-worthy beach shots, Water Safety New Zealand (WSNZ) hoped to educate locals and tourists about safety measures to observe when out enjoying the beach.  

That’s what they hoped. What stuck, of course, was the irony and the black humor.

Check out some of the gems from this amusingly morbid Instagram feed.

We have the hand-holding photo and the standard shot of a white girl’s legs and the horizon.

We see the Swim Reaper indulging his sweet tooth with this ice cream shot.

Goody goody dumb drops! My fave. #icecream #youscream⠀

A post shared by The Swim Reaper (@iamtheswimreaper) on

There’s a really cute one with a dog. There’s this trippy jump shot where the Swim Reaper looks like he’s actually floating.


You can check out more of this macabre mascot on Instagram. Meanwhile, make sure to be mindful the next time you’re enjoying an out of town trip.

Photos courtesy of Instagram


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