Nov 2, 2017

Recent deaths in the family have made me realize how truly fleeting life is. One minute you’re spending time with an ailing or aging loved one and before you know it, she or he is gone.

And these recent deaths have made me realize yet another blow of loss I’ll have to brace myself for in the coming years (hopefully not in the near future, though): grieving the deaths of our family pets when finally, their time comes. Ive seen it happen before with friends, and they mourn the loss as they would a member of their families.

I have three Chihuahas myself, aged seven, eight, and nine. One of my greatest fears is that they go one after the other. There are times my parents and I would find ourselves talking about this, and true enough, eyes would get teary at the thought of losing our babies. We talk about this more and more because two of the three have black furnow evidently turning white little by little.

“This is the last time we get pets,” my mom would usually say, nose red while picking up one of the Chihuahas who are oblivious to what’s happening. 

Thankfully, my dogs are all happy and healthy, but it dawned on me that we really should prepare for the deaths of our furry companions as welljust like we would for any member of the family, more so if they’re getting older or if they’ve been diagnosed with a terminal illness. It’s heartbreaking, but it’s also a reality pet owners have to face. Here are three simple tips to get you started:

A pet’s death is bound to happen—make the most of it

nolisoliph animal death
Don’t take the time you have with your pet for granted. Photo courtesy of Nine Köpfer/Unsplash

Although we’d like for them to live with us forever, time with our pets is limited. Keep in mind, too, that they have shorter lifespans. With that said, make the most out of this limited time. You committed to taking care of them so it’s your responsibility to make them feel loved. That way, when your pet passes away, you’ll have lots of good memories to keep. Remember, your pet only makes up a portion of your life, but their entire life revolves around you. 

Prioritize your pet’s health

nolisoliph stethoscope
Visit the vet regularly. Photo courtesy of Hush Naidoo/Unsplash

When was the last time you visited the veterinarian? Owners would always want to prolong their pets’ lives so regular visits to the vet are a must, even if the animal appears healthy. This helps, too, when a pet develops a degenerative disease or terminal illness. This way, you can discuss various medical options and health plans with your vet. When this happens, always remember to look out for the best interests of your pet. What may be comfortable for you may not be necessarily what’s comfortable for your fur baby.

Start looking for burial options

I don’t think there is a single pet owner who wants to do this, but you’ll thank yourself for planning ahead, especially if it’s a matter of limited to no burial space. Think of it as a life plan, except it’s for your pet. There are many options for pet owners now, from cremation services to pet burials. Here are a few you can look into:

Noah’s Ark Pet Columbaria

Noah’s Ark is a columbarium for pets located in Paradizoo, a theme park in Tagaytay City. Contact them here

Rainbow Bridge Pet Aftercare Services

rainbow bridge pet aftercare
Logo taken from the Rainbow Bridge Facebook page

Rainbow Bridge Pet Aftercare Services is a pet cremation company that offers pick-up and drop off services, as well as bespoke urns. Contact them here.

Pet Valley Park and Crematory

Pet Valley Park and Crematory offers both burial and crematory services. The cemetery is located in Silang, Cavite. Contact them here.

If you aren’t keen on contacting groups that specialize in pet burial and cremation, here are a few organizations and veterinary clinics as alternatives:

Header image and featured image courtesy of Unsplash

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