Oct 30, 2017

There are only two occasions that bring an influx of people to Dangwa. The first is to celebrate romantic love and the second is to remember the souls of the dead. It’s probably the easiest way to express the feelings we can’t put into words. But no matter how dainty or expensive a flower arrangement is, their lifespan is utterly short.

If you want blooms that will last longer than the usual cut flowers but aren’t fake, getting flowering plants is a good option. Here are five florals you can start with:


Thai dendrobium hybrids are one of the common orchid varieties available in the market.
The Vanda lamellata is native orchid that has diverse and prolific blooms. It can grow in pots with an airy medium, but it can also grow in hanging baskets without any medium.

Orchids are prized for their unique blossoms. While stalks of Dendrobium and Oncidium are commonly incorporated in bouquets, they don’t last long unlike those kept with the plant. To keep them fresh, never wet the flowers and never put them under direct sun. Orchids are hardy plants, but they will only rebloom when they receive proper care.


Anthuriums come in a variety of colors including pink, red, and white.

Ask someone to pinpoint which part of this plant is the flower and many would say that it’s the waxy leaf-like part. It’s not. That part is called a spathe, a modified leaf where the spadix emerges. The tiny, insignificant flowers of anthuriums grow from the spadix. Despite the complicated anatomy of this curious plant, it’s relatively easy to grow. Its inflorescence fades after a month or two, but it can produce new ones year-round.

Peace Lily

Peace lilies can also purify the air. Photography by Patrick Segovia

The scientific name of this plant is Spathiphyllum. Peace lilies produce immaculate white inflorescence with a structure akin to those of anthuriums. Although the blooms last for more than a month, it’s also tricky to rebloom this plant. There are substances that can induce blooming, but it will only subject the plant to stress. Keep in mind though that plants will give you flowers as they mature and when you take good care of them. Even if your peace lily lacks buds, its waxy leaves are still welcome additions to any corner.

Annual flowers


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Out of this list, cut flowers are the easiest to cultivate. Annual flowers refer to flowering plants that only live and blossom within a specific period. Examples are zinnias, marigold, and sunflowers. Except for sunflowers, annual flowers bloom profusely especially when you practice deadheading or removing the spent flowers. It’s easy to grow annual flowers from seed, but don’t plant them before the rainy season as they don’t like too much rain.

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