Feb 8, 2018

Everyone remembers the first Netflix show they finished in the dead hours of the night.

We’ve all been there before. “One more episode won’t hurt,” you say, skipping the recap and intro because lord knows you’ve been watching Netflix for hours in the dark of your room. Suddenly it’s 2 a.m. The action picks up and the scene cuts to black. You wonder whether sleep is more important than finding out what happened to Barb.

“One more episode won’t hurt,” you say again. Needless to say, you don’t get any sleep that night.

You’re not alone. Embrace the overindulgence. In fact, it takes Filipinos an average of five days to start (and finish) their first binge. And here are the top shows we’ve all gotten addicted to, according to Netflix themselves.

Stranger Things

What’s not to love about an ’80s throwback and a bunch of adorable kids solving a supernatural mystery? Much like everyone else, Stranger Things was my first Netflix binge. Needless to say, my dog and I got a good fright every time the Demogorgon appeared.

13 Reasons Why

The series adaptation of Jay Asher’s 2007 bestseller got quite the polar reception. Some loved it while others were wary about the message it sent. Regardless, it brings to light issues we’ve long swept under the rug.


We’re suckers for a government vs. drug kingpin story. Does it defend the government or Escobar? Neither. But it does show unnecessary consequences of war on both sides—especially in light of drugs.


On one end, we were all drawn to this show for our Archie comic nostalgia. But it was the high octane drama and calculated cliffhangers that kept us up all night on the edge of our seats.

Santa Clarita Diet

How can something so horrifying be funny? The gore may not be for everybody, but time and again, zombies prove that they’re still entertaining. It’s definitely not something to watch with an entire pizza to yourself, but I digress.

Marvel’s Iron Fist

Interestingly, Iron Fist is Marvel’s only top-binged show on this list. It beat out Jessica Jones and Daredevil! Though I’ll admit, out of all the solo Defenders shows, Iron Fist kept up the most superhero-style format for easy viewing.


Guns, patriotism, conspiracies. You’ve got the whole trifecta of every action-packed drama. Throw in some wrongful accusation into the mix, and it’s easy to ride out your frustration by watching the whole two seasons in a week or two or less.

How To Get Away With Murder

For one, the show’s title is probably one of the greatest hooks ever. Shonda Rhimes has us addicted, yet again, to a strong female lead and the nail-biting drama of a non-chronological storyline about (surprise, surprise) murder.

Orange Is The New Black

In OITNB, there’s humor to temper dark themes. Admit it, we’re curious about life behind bars. Does the show accurately portray it? Maybe not. But you’d be lying if you weren’t amused by well-rounded characters.

Breaking Bad

Ask a TV critic to name their favorite shows and you’re likely to find Breaking Bad on their list. It’s more than a story about a guy who makes meth to save his family from financial struggles. It’s a cinematic masterpiece not many shows can emulate.

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