Feb 12, 2018

Meralco announced that they will be implementing a 75 centavo increase effective in this month’s billing period, and an additional 33 centavos for the March billing period, for a total of P1.08 per kilowatt hour (kWh) increase.

Inquirer reports that this breakdown was made to “cushion the impact of higher electricity rates on consumers, cognizant of the fact that there were recent price increases on fuel and other basic commodities.”

March bills, then, could have up to P150 increase for residential consumers who use up 200 kWh.

That said, it’s high time to re-evaluate your electricity consumption. Some simple tips: take cold showers instead of using the water heater, turn off lights when unnecessary and make the most of natural light while it’s available, and unplug electronics when not in use.


Photo courtesy of Unsplash

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