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Your P175 can feed 7 people under this nationwide nutrition program

Your P175 can feed 7 people under this nationwide nutrition program

  • The private sector-led Kain Tayo Pilipinas initiative aims to help solve the country’s hunger problem through meals and nutritional education

The difficulties of the pandemic and the rising prices of goods often make it challenging for most Filipinos to put nutritious—or even any—meals on the table. This hunger problem affects more than 4.2 million Filipino families to date.

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To address this, non-government organizations, foundations, and other private groups have banded together for a project to provide both food and nutrition education for affected families all over the country.

Called Kain Tayo Pilipinas, the initiative calls for more long-term solutions to the hunger problem. Supplementing feeding programs with nutrition education programs, the group foresees being able to reach and help more Filipinos.

The program has four key thrusts, focusing the nutrition programs on:

  • education, not just feeding
  • first 1,000 days (of a child), not just school age
  • mother, not just child
  • (family) together, not just separate

Kain Tayo Pilipinas pegs each nutritious meal at only P25. On their donation page, donors are asked how many meals they would like to donate, from as little as P175 covering 7 meals, to P2,500 covering 100 meals. Custom amounts are also accepted.

kain tayo pilipinas website donation
Screen grab from Kain Tayo Pilipinas website

As part of the educational aspect of the program, Kain Tayo Nutritional Journals were created to help mothers care for their children “in the crucial First 1,000 Days of life up to 5 years old.” The journal covers proper care, hygiene, and nutrition for children and the family. A 21-day menu and recipes with corresponding costing (for a family of 5) is also included in the journal. 

kain tayo pilipinas nutritional journal
The journal includes easy recipes for nutritious and affordable meals for the family. Screen grab from the Kain Tayo Pilipinas website

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