May 23, 2018

Raise your hands if you’re one of the thousands who’s affected by the Grab and Uber merger. Last April, Grab became the last transport network company (TNC) standing with no other competitors and frankly, people are pissed.

But worry not, because six new ride-hailing apps will be launching this week (I can hear the angels’ hallelujah as the heavens open as I type this.), with the first one launching this Saturday, May 26.

Digital consulting company Research & Tech Lab (RTL) has gathered local TNC companies who are “making efforts to level with Grab to cater to Filipinos’ car booking needs,” with more than one option to choose from.

Photo courtesy of RTL’s Facebook page

The six TNCs are Hype (private and taxi), Hirna (taxi), Owto (private), Go Lag (private), Micab (taxi), and uHop (private; shuttle service). Hype is set to launch next week on soft opening, so that’s something commuters can look forward to. All these apps are available for Android users. Unfortunately, Hype and Go Lag are still unavailable for iPhone users.

Here’s hoping that these new ride-hailing services will be just as excellent as Uber. (We miss you.)

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