LOOK: Manila’s first vegan soft-serve sorbet at UP Town Center

From the brains behind Go! Salads


Sometimes, our dietary needs and philosophies prevent us from enjoying treats and desserts. Lactose intolerant and gluten-sensitive? You might want to skip that cup of ice cream. Also vegan? Nope, still no ice cream nor gelato, sorry.

In this case, you can have a sorbet, a kind of frozen treat that only contains water and fruit juices. And at UP Town Center, you can find a soft-serve sorbet shop called Shoobie Sorbet.

Shoobie Sorbet is the newest concept of Cibbie Gonzales, the man behind the popular salads and smoothies place Go! Salads. This is in line with his goal, to provide more inclusive and accessible specialty food stops.

shoobie sorbet

shoobie sorbet

You can spot Shoobie’s white and sky blue kiosk near Go! Salads, at the second phase of UP Town. There are four high chairs at the kiosk where you can enjoy their sorbet. As of now, they have four flavors, which are all berry-based, but they serve only two at a time at their soft-serve machine at the shop. They rotate the flavors every a couple of days.

When we went there, we had strawberry, blackberry, and a mix of the two. You have the option to top your cup with chia seeds (which I recommend if you want to add a layer of texture to their easy on the tongue sorbet). They also pride themselves on using only real fruits—no artificial flavors and concentrates.

shoobie sorbet

shoobie sorbet

It’s easy to get along with their sweet and fruity ripe strawberry flavor as most palates are accustomed to this fruit. But if you want more tartness, try their blackberry (make sure you have your own water, though). We also love that these sorbets don’t melt off and get ugly as quickly as ice cream.

shoobie sorbet
Strawberry and blackberry topped with chia seeds

If you can’t choose between the two, you can opt for a cup of mixed berry flavors.

Shoobie Sorbet, which first word (a slang in the US) means “beach daytripper,” could easily convert ice cream lovers to followers of the light and refreshing sorbet a.k.a. the physical manifestation of summer. It’s a religion we’re willing to subscribe to—especially in this hot and dry weather.


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