Feb 27, 2019

There are more than two ways to view life. And routines, like doing chores, paying the bills, getting the groceries—all these errands, shouldn’t have to be taxing. Sure, they could get monotonous at some point, but there will always be ways to add zest to a bland dish. Why don’t you try treating yourself (aside from eating) after running errands? Here are some wellness activities you can do at SM Center Pasig:

Get your nails, lashes, and hair done

sm pasig after errands
If you have an hour to spare, you can get fuller and longer eyelashes at Stylash.

These quick aesthetic fixes are some mindless activities to relax and escape—like really simple and mini vacations where you won’t need to go out of town. They may be minor, but they also give an instant boost of self-confidence.

BeesWax, 625-6240;
Bruno’s Barbers, 234-0376;
David’s For Rever, 584-9620;
I-Lash Extension, 0927-9578055;
Lay Bare, 0933-8226078;
Nail-a-holics, 727-9331;
Nailogy, 570-1887;
News Barbers, 633-9980;
Stylash, 637-6223, all located at Health, Beauty & Wellness Hub, Ground Level


sm pasig after errandsa
If your skin loves fermented ingredients, try Missha’s Time Revolution line. For your essential oil needs, Snoe has Apothecary: Patchouli oil.

You’ve shopped for your needs. Now, you may want to attend to your wants, too, and try retail therapy (in moderation) to destress. Aside from being relaxing, this kind of therapy enhances one’s creativity and sense of style.

SM Hypermarket, 635-2104;
Watson’s, 634-8824, located at Ground Level
Missha, 0916-4790634;
Snoe, 0923-7463416, located at Health, Beauty & Wellness Hub, Ground Level


Get a massage

sm pasig after errands
Get a traditional Filipino massage inside a mall at Mont Albo Massage Hut.

Did you know that you could have a traditional hilot and Filipino steam bath in a massage parlor inside a mall? But if you’re more into no-fuss massages, there are also vending massage chairs.

Mont Albo Massage Hut, 966-5996;
Positive Living Station, 0932-5409316, all located at Health, Beauty & Wellness Hub, Ground Level


Get a facial treatment

sm pasig after errands
Dermcare offers a wide range of service for facial care, body treatment, and even hair treatment.

You may have an intense 10-step skincare regimen that you do after work, but if you’re aiming for the “glass skin,” you may still need facial treatments from the professionals.

Dermcare, 661-4519;
Dermstrata, 451-2973;
Let’s Face It, 706-1909, all located at Health, Beauty & Wellness Hub, Ground Level


Get a check-up

sm pasig after errands
Clinica Manila’s Women Health Center has almost everything a woman may need—from basic check ups to cosmetic and weight loss treatments.

We all know that “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Visiting doctors and dentists are convenient now as clinics can also be found inside the mall—no more excuses now.

Clinica Manila, 696-7055 to 57;
Opthal Mix Optical Services, 632-1242;
D.F. Dacanay Dental Center, 470-4204, all located at Health, Beauty & Wellness Hub, Ground Level


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