Aug 6, 2019

As you might know, senior citizens are supposed to receive a lot of benefits from the government. It’s really just a basic duty of the government to cater to the needs of the elderly and often infirm. Some local governments are better at doing this than others; if you have any irate nonagenarian relatives or were ever in the presence of one, you’d know that Makati is one of the better ones, with cash gifts (you get a one-time gift of P100,000 when you reach a hundred), free movie viewings, and subsidized health care services, among others.

Recently, the Makati city council approved another cash gift benefit for the city’s senior citizens. Currently, residents aged 90 up receive an annual gift of P5,000—but with the newly implemented ordinance (an amendment of City Ordinance No. 2016-A-043), they’ll be receiving P10,000 instead. It’ll be distributed in two parts: with one half in July and the other in December. It’s a great boon to the city’s old guard. The ordinance won’t effect the cash gift for centegenarians: When you turn a hundred, you’ll still get P100,000 in cash, and yearly thereafter you’ll receive P10,000.

However, senior citizens should note that they’ll have to be Blu Card holders of at least five years to qualify. The Blu Card is a special benefit cards for senior citizens issued by the city government. That doesn’t mean that non-holders won’t be getting a cash gift, just that they’ll only get the P5,000 annual cash gift instead.


Featured photo courtesy of Thomas Chan on Unsplash

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